What’s Up, Docs

Women in Docs will return to where things started when they perform in Townsville on 18 November. IMAGE: Supplied

It’s been years since Chanel Lucas and Roz Pappalardo lived in Townsville; but their long-distance relationship with the city will continue when Women in Docs returns for Riverway Sessions this Saturday.

The folk duo formed while both women were studying at JCU, and continues with sporadic performances – and a 2018 national tour in the works – 20 years later.

Roz said the pair’s differences were also their strengths, and made for an eclectic style.

“As two performers, we’re strikingly different: Chanel’s quite sweet, has a beautiful voice, and is very measured and funny; whereas I’m more brash and in-your-face. At the end of the day, we love working together, find each other’s strengths and play to them,” said Roz.

“I’m a big fan of Chanel’s work, her songwriting and performance. We’re both really supportive of each other in that way, so think that’s where the magic happens. We make each other laugh, we’re mates.”

The duo found their stride narrating the smaller moments in life, rather than anything too ‘big picture.’

“We have always liked to say we tell intimate stories about particular periods of time in people’s lives, rather than any broad, epic universal questions. Those smaller stories are where we stay.

“Townsville is where we started really, when we were both JCU students, so when we were asked to perform as part of Riverway Sessions it wasn’t hard to say yes. At the time, we were going to develop an entire tour around it, but then thought we weren’t quite ready, so will wait until next year to do a national tour with a new body of work. This performance will be a bit of a homecoming opportunity.”

Roz, who now lives in Cairns, said an appetite for arts and culture was noticeably growing across the North.

“I work pretty heavily in the arts, and am seeing on a producer level a definite hunger for a diverse range of it in North Queensland. I’m proud to see that a range of music, performance and visual art is being embraced across the region; audiences are alive and well, and they want to be a part of it.”

Catch Women in Docs performing at the Riverway Arts Centre on 18 November, with tickets available from the TicketShop.

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