Hub’s Potential on Show

The HUB Creative Space will open its doors for a two-day showcase on 1-2 December. IMAGE: Sarah Joy Photography

The benefits of creative co-working will be on display next week as The HUB Creative Space opens its doors for a two-day showcase of its facilities and classes.

The venue, found in Aitkenvale’s light industrial area, feels like a world away: the knitting-lined fences and warm artwork covering the indoor walls inspire creativity and togetherness.

The HUB owner, Sue Bright, said the vibrancy and potential of the space came as a surprise to many people.

“We’re based down the back of our building with a 500 square metre space, so it is a lot larger than people expect with a lot of different-sized rooms and spaces – and to find us, it’s as simple as following the trail of knitting along the fence line from the street,” Sue said.

Workshops offered in the space range from art classes, candle making, and individual craft projects to business visibility coaching and networking nights. Sue said the only limit to the space’s use was its visitors’ imaginations.

“The space is set up so there’s different options: people can come in and join existing workshops, hire spaces to run their own workshops, do their own individual work, use some studio space, or cross-pollinate between groups.

“I put all public events and workshops on our Facebook, Instagram and even the wall in our kitchen which keeps growing as a communal noticeboard. Everyone comes in and takes photos of it, and love looking back at it to find out what they can get involved in. Similar faces start popping up across the different workshops: we have one girl who came to one class, and then ended up doing three different workshops in the space of two weeks! That’s how it’s meant to work and was always my dream, which is really good.

“There’s a couple of special needs groups using the space which are really nice to be involved with, because they’re always hungry for activities during the week. One of the girls does mosaics, so goes to the library and researches what project she’d like to do next, and then makes them. She’s been invited to present to a group interstate on stage, to explain why mosaics have changed her life. And that’s really sweet. Others have taken home projects and the parents tear up because they never thought that was something their child would be able to do. It’s really nice that those groups feel comfortable here, and they’re blossoming in each of their own ways.”

The HUB Creative Space’s Showcase will be an opportunity for the public to drop in for a tour of the facilities, discover the work of some of the space’s regular artists, partake in any classes or workshops over the days, and chat to Sue about other possible uses for the venue.

“Next year, I’d love to see more of the same opportunities for the space: more people dropping in and connecting. It’s really nice when people start socialising and making these new connections here, rediscovering old ones from high school, or even just learning new skills. It’s easy to sit at home and beaver away doing your own creative thing, but the inspiration is contagious when you put creative people together.”

Catch the HUB Creative Space Showcase at 16 Casey Street, Aitkenvale (follow the knitting!) on 1 December from 3-7pm, and 2 December from 9am-1pm.

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