Jade’s Stint in Music City

Jade Holland has just returned from Nashville, where she wrote and recorded her next album with award-winning singer/songwriter Phil Barton. IMAGE: Giusseppe Vizzone

It’s a dream of many musicians around the world, and for one Townsville muso, it’s become a reality.

Country music artist Jade Holland has spent a month writing and recording music for her second album in Nashville – despite it not being her original plan.

“I was going to record in Newcastle, but then had some opportunities go my way earlier this year and now here I am,” Jade said.

“I spoke with Australian singer-songwriter Phil Barton who lives in Nashville, and he pretty much talked me into it: he gave me time to songwrite over there first, and has helped get some incredible musicians to play on the songs, making sure that everything’s perfect.

“As well as doing my own songwriting for the album, I’ve co-written with some incredible writers too – because I may not be able to write the hit song that kickstarts me, but somebody else might.”

While in Nashville, Jade wrote and recorded with Phil Barton, Bruce Wallace, Brian White, Sinead Burgess, Emma-Lee, and Anthony Snape (Snape also co-wrote songs on Holland’s previous album).

“One of the songs I had already written before going over was one I collaborated with Phil on via Facetime – that is quite hard to do, but funny! It’s called Dream Wild and is heartfelt because it relates to me and what I’m doing. I always say to everyone that I have big wild dreams, and when I said that to Phil he said there’s nothing wrong with dreaming wild, which hit a note with me.”

Jade said Townsville would always have a piece of her heart, but Nashville was an opportunity she couldn’t refuse.

“You don’t have to perform or listen to country music to appreciate Nashville: you can go there and experience all genres which I think is really beautiful and it’s realistically just the centre of the music industry. I’ve wanted to go since I started singing as a little girl, and now to be able to record my album there … I’m in shock and awe.

“Nashville has always been my dream, and now that I’ve made it there, it’s beyond exciting.”

Jade Holland wrapped filming the music video for her second album’s debut single, Drive Thru, on the weekend, and says we can expect to hear it at the end of February 2018.

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