Christmas with: Sasha Holmes

While Sasha Holmes may be trying to take a break this holiday season, she can normally be found racing around backstage for NQOMT productions. IMAGE: Supplied

While you may not have seen or heard of her before, Sasha Holmes has been one of the people we have worked with the most this year – she is a wealth of knowledge and one of the many unsung heroes of the local theatre scene. As part of our summer series, we caught up with her thoughts on Christmas, Australia Day, and every sweaty day in between!

Christmas with: Sasha Holmes (NQOMT)

What are you most well-known for in Townsville?
I doubt people will know me very well but I’m generally behind the scenes organising shows for North Queensland Opera and Music Theatre (NQOMT). I’m also on the NQOMT committee and love the company for the people that have become my friends as well as my family. I also help other theatre groups, as we’re all friends that have a love of theatre and so we all try and help each other out. I’ve ventured out into the limelight on a few occasions as I like to always push myself out of my comfort zone, so I’ve done stand-up comedy with the Comedy Generation and even participated in the North Queensland Festival of One Act Plays this year. Who knows what 2018 will bring! I guess most people actually know me for being Welsh and a big pain in the behind as I’m always chasing them for things and I talk too much.

What are three local products people can’t miss out on getting this Christmas?
Oh my goodness, what a choice! I’d love to receive theatre tickets (Strictly Ballroom has an early bird sale until the end of the year), but the local markets and Renegade gift shop also have so much to offer. I especially love what my friend is doing in regards to making and creating jewellery through chain maille.

NQOMT had their 2018 season launch at Umbrella Studio contemporary arts and I’d quite happily receive any of the amazing artwork on offer there too; in fact, Peter Lawson helped paint a set for a show a few years ago, so I’d love one of his pieces.

What does Christmas mean to you?
It’s a time for giving and being with my family. I’m also terrible at taking in strays as I hate people being on their own at Christmas.

What’s the best drink to survive Townsville’s humidity?
Definitely a mojito! One thing I was taught is that you slap the mint leaves between your hands rather than chopping it into a million pieces. It brings out the flavour of the mint well, and doesn’t stick between your teeth!

What’s the best live performance you saw this year?
That’s so easy but makes me sound terribly biased: NQOMT’s Little Shop of Horrors! I devoted a good 15 months of my life as the Production Manager and it was absolutely out of this world. Luckily for me, I had an amazing talented army of people involved that were just as dedicated, kept me sane and made me laugh constantly.

Will you be taking a break at the start of 2018?
Break? What is this thing you speak of?

What does Australia Day mean to you, will you be celebrating it?
Australia Day for myself is a day I thank my lucky stars for having the opportunity to live in this country. I love the history, cultures, people, and the lifestyle this amazing place offers me.

Where will people find you over the coming months?
Shhh, I’m hiding to stop doing so much. Although I will no doubt be busy helping NQOMT prepare for New Year’s Eve and Nunsense in the coming months, so find me at the NQOMT Hall loving my life!

Anything else to add?
Please, please, please support the local Arts scene. There is such an enormous amount of events, performances and shows that cram our calendar every year. It drives me insane when people say there is nothing to do in Townsville as I find I struggle to fit everything in! We have an insane amount of talented people right on our doorstep, along with groups that provide the platform for them to go on and live their dream making it into a career. We have local bands, comedy, musicals, theatre, dancers and artists right here and now, but without local support we are nothing.  Thank you for your support in 2017, we look forward to seeing you at the NYE concert at Riverway and we look forward to seeing you again in 2018 for another spectacular year of NQOMT’s shows. Have a glorious, safe and happy break with your family over this festive season.

Catch NQOMT’s New Year’s Eve Variety Show at Riverway Arts Centre on 31 December, with tickets available here.

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  • Sasha is an AMAZING lady and very humble. She didn’t just ‘participate’ in the NQ Festival of One Act Plays. She won ‘Best performance by a female in the 10 minute open section’. Love ya Sasha!!! XXXX

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