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Luke Ha has performed everywhere from Japan's Universal Studios to ABC television series; and will be dropping in to Townsville these school holidays to teach local kids a thing or two. IMAGE: Thomas Hubener

It’s that time of year: the weather is sticky, the school holidays are slightly too long, and kids are sending parents stir crazy. But there’s someone about to flip into town who will shake things up and set a challenge for the whole family.

International performer Luke Ha will be setting up shop at Townsville’s Cajam Circus this January for a week of workshops with every age group and skill level. Workshops will range from basic circus techniques to straps, ropes and stunt skills.

Luke, who has performed in live shows at Japan’s Universal Studios and Macau’s House of Dancing Water, as well as on film as stuntman for Hacksaw RidgeGhost in the Shell and the ABC television series Tomorrow, When the War Began, said a career in performing arts wasn’t always the plan.

“It was a gradual journey. Throughout secondary school I enjoyed participating in dance competitions and had been a competitive gymnast, but never thought they were what I wanted to do as an adult,” said Luke.

“It was only at the very end of year 12 that I saw a poster advertising the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) auditions and thought a circus career may be possible. I had never considered it was a career choice one could make until seeing that poster.

“My parents were absolutely behind me and never held me back. They did tell me later on that they had concerns on how I would do financially in the Arts industry, but their concerns were washed away after I was offered my first job at Universal Studios Japan right after graduating from NICA.”

Luke Ha. IMAGE: John Englezos

Luke also said it was important to recognise whether you want to be creative as a hobby or a profession.

“If you don’t like your current job and your secret desire is to become a professional performer, maybe a change is due. However, if performing is just for fun, that’s OK, let it be that. Everybody is creative and our souls crave creative outlets, so just enjoy it as a creative outlet and for your personal fitness if you don’t want to take it too seriously.

“A career in the performing arts isn’t for everybody; it comes with added stresses. Do what you can while you enjoy it.

“My wife Anni grew up in Townsville and her relationship with [Cajam Circus Owners] the Lovedays sparked conversations about holding workshops – this visit will be the second time I’ve worked with Cajam.”

“In the future, I plan on passing on the skills, knowledge and experiences I’ve learned to make the next generation of us better. I might try to do this in my own circus, stunt and obstacle gym too.

I hope students walk away from my workshops with good memories, inspiration, and courage to push themselves to be the best they can be.”

Catch Luke Ha’s holiday training workshops at Cajam Circus from 3-9 January. For more information or to book, visit Cajam Circus on Facebook.

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