Christmas with: Nathan Toll

HUXLEY content writer Nathan Toll will spend his Christmas riding dragons and grating cheese on his well-defined abs. IMAGE: Sarah Joy Photography

He is the kindest and most handsome person we have interviewed this year, and he wrote this introduction himself. Nathan makes up one quarter of team Huxley, and is the most festive person you will ever meet. He blasts Mariah Carey from 1 November, and isn’t ashamed to wrap himself in battery-powered Christmas lights. This is how he’s spending the Christmas break.

What are you best known for locally?
My hair is so thick that it can be seen from a mile away, and I write for a little magazine and website you may have seen floating around Townsville in 2017. Apart from that, I’m also a very loud Christmas caroller and a very fast eater.

What are three products you think people can’t miss out on this Christmas?
Great question Nathan, thanks for asking! I’ve been loving the local tunes recently, and have had the latest CDs from King Social, The Taste and Drewboy and the Sax Addicts on rotation in my car for the past few months. All well worth a listen. Food-wise, I dropped past Otto’s brand new Hen Haus and fell in love with their Chook Fat Spuds – if Heidi and Ash feel like making me a bulk batch for Christmas, I wouldn’t complain! For those with a bit of extra coin lining their pockets this Christmas, I’m head over heels for David Ardley’s aluminium oil paintings at Aluminium Art Exclusives in the CBD – he’s from the Gold Coast but his art reflects the Townsville vibes with some of the most beautiful ocean imagery you’ve seen. Locally though, Naomi also has some great pieces by North Queenslanders – including a green tree frog that’s pretty hard to go past!

What’s your go-to summer meal?
Whenever my friends and I have a pool party, we whip up a pretty epic ‘Mexican dip’ – spread some refried beans (international section of the supermarket) across the bottom of a baking dish, followed by a layer of sour cream, and topped off with grated cheese – then pop it in the oven til the cheese starts browning up and going gooey. You can add in extra layers of guacamole or salsa if you want as well. Then it’s as simple as scooping it up with Doritos and lying back in food heaven.

What was the best live performance you saw this year?
I don’t want to be a heartbreaker answering this, because team Huxley saw so many performances this year, and they were all goosebump-inducing. But for me, this has to be a tie between Theatre iNQ’s Frankenstein and Pimlico State High School’s Pimlico Presents.

Frankenstein was un-freaking-believable, and of a quality that you wouldn’t even find in capital cities. The old Townsville West State School building was perfect for the performance, and we still talk about it in the office to this day. Pimlico Presents this year honestly made me feel like I had wasted my high school years – every student on the Civic Theatre stage was at such a professional level and showed so much promise, I can’t wait to see them climb the ranks of local, national and international music, theatre and dance companies.

Will you be taking a break at the start of 2018?
Sort of! HUXLEY issue six hits the streets in the first week of January, so even though our office is closed at the time I’ll still be running around Townsville hyped up about that. Sarah and I are also part of the ensemble for the Townsville Choral Society’s hundredth production, We Will Rock You! That hits the stage on 31 January, so rehearsals will be coming at us thick and fast until then. In the meantime though, I’ll be taking a couple of days to travel down to Brisbane and rock out to the Foo Fighters with my family. You could say I’ll be getting the best of Foo.

Anything else you’d like to add?
Just thank you, really. Thank you to our Editor Sarah for taking a chance on HUXLEY and starting a really important dialogue that is hopefully leading to progress for the Arts community as a whole locally. Thank you for taking me on full-time the same week I graduated uni scared that I’d be living in the gutter at 24. And the biggest thank you goes to Townsville for embracing our magazine, contributing as much as you have, and for supporting the Arts more than ever in 2017. We can’t wait to see what next year brings. Merry Christmas!


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