Killing Heidi – Hell Yeah!

Killing Heidi will join 'new classics'Eskimo Joe, The Superjesus and Jebediah in Townsville for Hotter than Hell on 13 January IMAGE: Supplied

Killing Heidi burst onto the mainstream music scene in 2000, with grungy pop hits Weir and Mascara earning them a soft spot in the collective heart of Aussies growing up at the turn of the century. However, the brother/sister duo had actually been kicking around at small gigs and on Triple J Unearthed since 1996.

The duo will perform in Townsville, alongside other “New Classic” Aussie artists, for Hotter than Hell in January 2018 and we caught up with Ella Hooper to find out what’s been happening.

How’d the 20th Anniversary go?
Ella Hooper: Incredible. Way beyond my wildest dreams in terms of the response, feeling of satisfaction and cycle completion that it has created.

How did you prepare for it after the 10-year break?
Well we never stopped gigging actually, just continued to gig under many differed guises: The Verses, Still Wife, Tresses, Calamine Sisters and Ella Hooper solo.. so with all that diverse experience we came back to Killing Heidi with far more finely-honed skills than we left with! It’s been such a great reunion because of that I reckon. But yeah, there is always a little fear in the mix, how will it feel, what will people think, but that’s also what makes it exciting!

Mascara and Weir have endeared themselves to the nation as ‘new classic’ Aussie staples – how would your teenage selves have reacted to that?
It’s incredible and such an honour. When we hear Weir on Gold FM (classic hits radio) we actually squeal. I probably wouldn’t have believed it would be a ‘classic’ at 17. I thought we may make a big splash but not be remembered so vividly and fondly. I’m so glad that we are!

Finish these sentences:
My favourite Aussie song of all time is… something by Dan Warner, with the Warners Brothers, a 90’s band I loved when I was a kid. Classic Australian stories but farrrr from twee or cliche.
The ultimate Aussie icon is… either a gumtree or an esky.
I think Triple J’s decision to move the Hottest 100 is… Brilliant, sensitive and respectful.
The last time we were in Townsville… We probably bought thongs asap and pulled off our Melbournian black skinny jeans as quick as you can say hot hipster!
Hotter than Hell Punters can expect… One hell of a show from some very excited Heidi’s.
Killing Heidi is about to… Rock your socks off then wrap it all, possibly for another 10 years so don’t miss out!!

Catch Killing Heidi, Eskimo Joe, Jebediah, The Superjesus and local outfit the Koffin Rockers at Hotter Than Hell on 13 January, with tickets available here

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