The Superjesus – Hell Yeah!

The Superjesus will join Eskimo Joe, Killing Heidi and more at Hotter Than Hell in Townsville on 13 January. IMAGE: Supplied

With three ARIA awards, three multi-platinum albums and a swathe of hit singles under their belt, The Superjesus is one of Australia’s most successful rock bands to come out of the 90s. Their Love & Violence EP, released in 2015, proved their sound has evolved with the times and we get the inkling they’re only just warming up.

Was there a lot of new learning to be done when you released the new singles in 2015?
Sarah McLeod: Yeah the entire operation is different now. From the ground up, the recording process was different, the release was different, the media roll out was different and of course the social media aspect was non existent in the 90s. I run all the social media for both The Superjesus and my solo stuff. It’s a big job! I’d rather not have to deal with it at all but, you know….. you can’t fight city hall, and besides it can be fun.

Have you started thinking about the 25th Anniversary celebration?
To think about the 25th Anniversary celebration now is like me preparing for my 50th when I’m only 45. I like the idea of mentally adjusting in advance so I’m not shocked when I actually get there, but as sure as God made little green apples, whatever plans are made now will be long out the window by the time the actual day comes. Plans are for the organised, chaos is for the mad.

How are you juggling touring with your commitments to American Idiot (the musical)?
I’m used to doing loads of different projects. In February, I have one week that has a solo show, a Superjesus show and a few American Idiot rehearsals. That’s three totally different repertoires and three TOTALLY different head spaces in one week. I love it though, the more the merrier… once my balls are rolling (metaphorically speaking) I feel I can do quite a lot at once.

Finish these sentences:
My favourite Aussie song of all time is… Dirty Jeans, Magic Dirt.
The ultimate Aussie icon is…. Jimmy Barnes.
I think Triple J’s decision to move the Hottest 100 is… Triple J’s decision.
Hotter than Hell Punters can expect…. The best rock show of the year.
The Superjesus is about to… unleash the second coming.

Catch The Superjesus, Killing Heidi, Eskimo Joe, Jebediah and local outfit the Koffin Rockers at Hotter Than Hell on 13 January, with tickets available here

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