Eskimo Joe gears up for Townsville

Eskimo Joe will return to Townsville for Hotter than Hell on 13 January 2018 IMAGE: Supplied

Eskimo Joe is one of Australia’s most-loved contemporary rock acts – evidenced by their claim to the country’s highest ever crowd-funded album, Wastelands, which they released independently after splitting from their label in 2013. The band will return to Townsville this weekend, to join forces with Killing Heidi, The Superjesus, Jebediah and The Koffin Rockers for one big show.

We caught up with Eskimo Joe’s Kav Temperley for a quick recap on what they’ve been up to and what’s in the works for their 21st Anniversary this year.

You celebrated 20 years together in 2017, how did you mark the milestone?
Kav Temperley: Changed the words of our songs to say rude things

Looks like your 21st celebration is gearing up to be special with a run of Symphony shows, how did that all come about?
We had talked about collaborating with WASO on a symphony concert for a long time, so we are really honored and excited to get a chance to play our songs with an orchestra. I’m going to be smiling from ear to ear.

Wastelands was Australia’s biggest ever Crowdfunded album, has that direct link to fans changed the way you approach the game?
It feels like the landscape has shifted massively since we came up through the record company world of the late nineties, we worked with some really talented people who helped us sell our records. With crowdfunding you connect directly with the fans, there’s no middle man, this is amazing but it comes with its pros and cons, but overall I really enjoyed the experience.

Finish these sentences:
My favourite Aussie song of all time is…Original sin
The ultimate Aussie icon is…Dame Edna Everage
I think Triple J’s decision to move the Hottest 100 is…Respectful
The last time we were in Townsville…I nearly lost my voice but discovered a magical Chinese cough medicine
Hotter than Hell Punters can expect… The hits
Eskimo Joe is about to…Turn 21

Catch Eskimo Joe, Killing Heidi, Jebediah,  The Superjesus and The Koffin Rockers at Hotter Than Hell on 13 January, with tickets available here

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