Warm up for Jebediah

Jebediah will perform at Hotter than Hell in Townsville on 13 January 2018 IMAGE: Supplied

For many Aussies of a certain vintage, Jebediah is the quintessential 90s rock band. Just teenagers at their emergence, the foursome behind Jebediah have spent their entire adult lives touring and making music together; and will celebrate a quarter-century together in 2019.

Jebediah will return to Townsville on 13 January 2018 for a nostalgia-packed event, co-headlined by other “new Aussie classics” Killing Heidi, Eskimo Joe, The Superjesus and local outfit The Koffin Rockers. We nabbed Jeb’s Vanessa Thornton for a quick look back and to discuss some other Aussie classics before breakfast.

Braxton Hicks got its worldwide digital release only this year. What took so long, and did that prompt a walk down memory lane for you?
Did it? That’s fantastic! I shall take a short walk down memory lane right now.

As a well-established band (almost 25 years) is there a lot of catch-up-to be done when it comes to keeping up with new platforms for listening and promotion?
Yes! I can’t keep up. I’m a luddite. This question makes me feel old.

Have you started thinking about the 25th Anniversary celebration; what ideas are in the mix?
I’m not sure if we can plan that far ahead. We’re still recovering from the 20th Anniversary celebrations. The band lives on opposite sides of the country these days so any time we get together to hang out and play shows is always celebratory.

Finish these sentences:
My favourite Aussie song of all time is… Wide Open Road by The Triffids
The ultimate Aussie icon is… the double plugger
I think Triple J’s decision to move the Hottest 100 is… Respectful, necessary, and about time
The last time we were in Townsville… was not that long ago. Lucky Townsville!
Hotter than Hell Punters can expect…. to enjoy the good times if they bring the good vibes.
Jebediah is about to… have breakfast. Well Chris and I are about to but I reckon Kev and Brett would be just about ready for lunch.

Catch Eskimo Joe, Killing Heidi, Jebediah,  The Superjesus and The Koffin Rockers at Hotter Than Hell on 13 January, with tickets available here

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