Calling all Compact Printmakers

Registrations are now open for the 2018 Compact Prints Exhibition. IMAGE Pygmy-possum (detail) by Sandy Fisher; 2016 Compact Prints Exhibition

Entries are now open for Umbrella Studio contemporary arts’ biennial Compact Prints exhibition.

The exhibition, which saw over 100 artists from around the world involved in 2016, has grown quickly since its inception in 2002.

Gallery Coordinator Angela Little said there was a clear appeal for artists further afield than Townsville.

“For a global audience, it’s easy to participate because of the small size of the prints and because it’s an exchange – so as a participant, you receive a print back from another artist in the exhibition. Lots of people have collections of all their prints from over the years and many of these exchanging artists now correspond all around the world,” said Angela.

“The exhibition is print media based, inviting artists working in digital and traditional forms of printmaking to participate. Printmaking is a very broad area that includes lots of different techniques – such as etching, relief, and lithography to name a few.

“Participants have to submit two prints of the same edition; one is displayed in a CD jewel case as part of the exhibition and then at the end of the exhibition exchanged with another artist. The second print is auctioned at a fundraiser to assist with event costs.”

The exhibition is also a chance for the talents of North Queensland artists to be showcased alongside the best from around the world.

“In 2016, we had 138 artists from 14 different countries participate in the exhibition. We will be hoping this year has the same or more artists involved; the world is our oyster!” Angela said.

“It’s exciting for local artists to see what other artists are doing around the world and compare their skills and techniques. Because printmaking is such a complex artform, there are so many ways to create an image – we can learn a lot from seeing what others are doing. Townsville has a big printmaking community and this exhibition showcases them on a global stage.”

Applications are now open for Umbrella Studio contemporary arts’ Compact Prints exhibition, and will close on 14 May. To register or for more information, click here – otherwise, you can catch the completed Compact Prints exhibition at Umbrella Studio from 17 August – 23 September 2018.

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