Art vs Science Test Out Townsville

Art vs Science will play their first solo show in Townsville on 25 January 2018

Mad Scientists of music, Art vs Science, will finally headline their own Townsville show tonight at the Dalrymple Hotel.

While the band celebrates a decade together this year, they’ve only ever played in Townsville as part of the Groovin the Moo circuit.

Vocalist Dan Mac said they were “pretty pumped” about returning to North Queensland, to test out some new tracks from forthcoming album, expected to drop later this year.

“Last time we did Groovin the Moo, the band jumped off the bridge in town and got stuck in the mud, which was kind of scary. We’ve had a funny time in Townsville – I tried to climb into the nightclub after the lock out and I got in a bit of trouble, so we’ll try to behave this time.”

Dan freely admits to not quite maturing over the 10 years the trio has been together, with very little of the dynamic changing at all over that time.

“We’ve gone through periods of trying to settle down a bit and trying new things, trying different projects; but at the end of the day we like hanging out together and partying and we kind of write songs about it. We’ve found we all love music still and we’re getting on really well despite having been living in each others pockets for 10 years.”

Fans at tonight’s show can expect to get a taste of the upcoming album, which Dan says will follow a similar vein to previous releases.

“It’s sort of a return to what really started the band, which is just going out and singing silly things over the top of other things basically, and then turning them into our own songs,”said Dan.

“We’ve got one [song] called Japanese Apple Candy and another one called Fist Pump – I dunno, we like to take these ideas that sound kind of dumb and put music behind it, which sounds like it might be serious, but you’re just not sure if it is or not,

“We have a huge range of influences: I’m listening to Bach and Wagner; [the other] Dan’s hip-hop and Tim’s into Foster the People and we all love rock. We bring all those influences in and sing things over the top and it makes for a pretty good time.”

For punters going along to tonight’s show, Art vs Science has one request: “We love it when people dress up. We’ve had a lot of mimes, bumblebees, people with their flippers… and bring your A-game, ‘cos that’s what we’re going to do.

Catch Art vs Science at the Dalrymple Hotel on 25 January 2018. Tickets available online and at the door.

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