Artist in Focus: Aicey Zaro

Aicey Zaro's work ranges from silk paintings to linocuts and ceramics, on display everywhere from the Burdekin to Berlin. IMAGE: Aicey Zaro

Aicey Zaro’s work hangs in homes from the Burdekin to Berlin and the gallery he runs with wife Bernice is a proud front-runner in Australian Indigenous Tourism.

Aicey has always loved to draw and paint and over the years has adapted traditional Aboriginal and Islander techniques to develop his own contemporary style that he applies to many mediums including hand-painted silks, linocuts, ceramics and jewellery.

Aicey Zaro with a commissioned work. IMAGE: Supplied

Aicey said his modern style respects his heritage by honouring the traditional symbols and markings that form images and stories.

“Being able to explore my cultural heritage helps me to create and express my own images and art forms, creating my own unique style,” said Aicey.

“I draw inspiration from our traditional stories and history, the flora and fauna of the land and sea of Murray Island in the Torres Strait and the Burdekin area. Growing up in both these places I was able gain knowledge and understanding of my family inheritance from both my parents and grandparents.”

Whale Tail IMAGE: Aicey Zaro

Aicey said his love of art and exploration keeps him from committing to just one medium.

“From a young age I always loved to make different things and I watched my father draw and paint; he was a good artist. As a student I was introduced to a wide range of mediums and this is where it all began.

Policeman Bird IMAGE: Aicey Zaro

“Over the years the partnership between myself and my wife was key in keeping our [art] business functioning. Also having business mentors and community support was always a strength as the support gave us many opportunities to share our passion for the arts and cultural awareness every day.”

Aicey has received many awards for his work and has exhibited in Italy, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and elsewhere; but says he most enjoys the appreciation that people show for his art and culture through his pieces.


Gudjuda Deck Café at Plantation Park, Ayr
Umbrella Studio contemporary arts, Flinders Street West

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