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After the success of previous wearable art segments at the Townsville Fashion Festival, Wearable Art Townsville is returning this year with its own signature event. IMAGE: 'In Creativity' by Claudia Williams and Papadimitriou (Supplied by WAT)

Entries are now open for Wearable Art Townsville’s inaugural solo event, set to parade the work of Townsville and Australia’s most innovative and creative designers on the local stage.

Wearable Art Townsville (WAT) has grown significantly since its debut as part of the Townsville Fashion Festival in 2016, with event organiser Claudia Williams expecting upwards of 1,000 people at the first independent show in October.

“We had a fantastic response to last year’s WAT event; the audience loved it and we received a lot of brilliant feedback, which has really encouraged us to branch out and go bigger on our own this year,” Claudia said.

“We had over 50 designs entered in last year’s event which had to be culled down to 43, and we’ve already had over 60 people express interest in being designers for the 2018 show. We’ve also had national interest, too: Erica Gray, who was a guest designer last year, has generated a lot of interest in Brisbane and the Gold Coast for people to bring their work up to Townsville.”

“WAT is a great opportunity for Townsville to access new designers, appeal to international travellers, and encourage our local audience to share in a really new, exciting and contemporary event. This is a new creative event for Townsville.”

For those wanting to enter a design, the only limit is your imagination.

“We’re looking for the unconventional: we’re looking for innovation not only in the design but in the material – so think outside the box. It’s open to a lot of creatives, not just sewers – you could use cable ties, gaffer tape, hooks and eyes … It’s amazing what can be used to make something beautiful. We’re looking for the impossible.

“People who haven’t been to one of our shows before should expect a real wow factor. We’re in the process of designing our stage at the moment and everything that goes with that, including collaborating with our dance team, lighting team, and the rest of the production crew.”

Entries are now open for Wearable Art Townsville, with applications open for designers here until 9 March. Wearable Art Townsville will be staged in October 2018, with more details announced soon.

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