Open Mic Nights Showcasing Local Talent

TMPAS will return to the Old Courthouse Theatre tonight. IMAGE: Paul Freeman

Townsville’s experienced and aspiring performers will be given a chance to shine as the Townsville Music and Performing Art Space (TMPAS) relaunches for 2018.

The space offers a platform for creatives to rehearse new material in front of a crowd or – in some cases – perform in public for the first time.

Event organiser Madonna Davies said TMPAS events not only provided an evening of high-calibre entertainment, but offered up-and-coming artists their first public performance.

“We don’t know who will play until the night which is part of the beauty of it; this is a space where predominantly local performers get to show their work. It’s also a training ground for performers to try out new material, or even play for the first time,” Madonna said.

“A lot of the young people we see come through haven’t really performed or used a proper microphone, and are still learning what entertainment and live music consists of.

“We’ll be holding youth open mics once a month at the beginning of TMPAS from about 5:30-7:30pm for performers up to the age of 17. It’s a quiet time-slot, before all the riff raff arrive, so is a great chance for friends and families to come along and support them and ease them into it before the experienced performers take the stage. That was how the TMPAS nights were originally run and how we want to continue doing them, because these artists are our future.”

Madonna said that, while blackboard nights came and went over the years, the support they gave local artists was crucial.

“Having the Loona Lounge in Townsville, us doing our thing with TMPAS, and other open mic nights coming and going over the years; without those things happening, our local musicians really would miss out. It’s vital we have these spaces.

“Most of the people behind the scenes do it for nothing – Townsville’s full of people with that wonderful attitude and volunteer mentality.”

“TMPAS nights are generally free entry, however our first one of the year is a fundraiser so we have a bit of cash to pay our sound technicians and feature bands who visit throughout the year. This one should be a great night – we have Goodo and the Sexies on the lineup, as well as performances by Movimiento.”

Catch the launch of TMPAS 2018 at the Old Courthouse Theatre this Friday, 9 February. $10 entry at the door.

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