Romeo Launches Debut EP

Jeremy Romeo is gearing up to release his debut EP 'All You're Meant To Be' this Friday night. IMAGE: Supplied

A familiar face on Townsville’s live music circuit will release his debut EP this Friday, 9 February 2018.

Jeremy Romeo, a voice heard almost every weekend of the year in at least one local watering hole, will celebrate the release of his extended play All You’re Meant To Be after recording the tracks at Parkway Studios in 2016.

Jeremy said his songwriting had progressed significantly from his early days as a musician.

“Covers were what I started on: I began writing my own music when I was about 16 and the more I did it, the better I got. Understandably, the first few songs I wrote were terrible – so bad! Even now, I’ll write songs that I like the sound of but then play them and realise I don’t like the sound,” Jeremy said.

“You get more enjoyment out of playing your own music, because they’re songs that you wrote that have meaning for you. It’s a different sort of enjoyment – while playing covers is good fun, you’re doing it to entertain other people more than doing it for yourself which you get when it’s something you’ve written; and I hope other people get the same enjoyment out of my originals as I get playing them.”

The songs that form All You’re Meant To Be have been a long time in the making – and changed quite a bit while they were being recorded.

“I went into the studio with a very pop-rock vibe surrounding the songs, but then I worked on it with Mick Lockhart at Parkway Studios and he’s massive in the country industry, so as soon as he got his hands on the songs they got much more of a country vibe.

“It went off in this completely different direction that was really wonderful. I listened to them through the process and wasn’t sure if they’d work, but then heard them at the end of it all and they really blew me away. It’s like this pop-country-rock vibe that I think people will love because it is something different that you don’t hear as much.

Jeremy said a lot of his songwriting ideas were drawn from real life experiences.

“Song writing’s a thing where you take inspiration from whatever you’re going through at the time. I don’t write songs about a specific person or thing; but will write about a specific time in my life. The EP’s title track actually came about three or four years ago when I didn’t have much work and was struggling for money. I was down in the dumps but looked at it as having two choices: to either continue being negative, or to take a bad situation and make it good! That song actually came out of that motivational train of thought, and a lot of the songs on there came about as a result of other points in life like that – so with each song, it takes me back to that time in my life.”

Catch the launch of Jeremy Romeo’s debut EP All You’re Meant To Be at Crown on Palmer this Friday night from 6pm.

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