2 Minutes With: Sarah Elsley

Sarah Joy Photography's Sarah Elsley. IMAGE: Mitchell Smith

You may not recognise her name or face, but you’ve definitely seen her work: Sarah Elsley has been a part of our Huxley family since issue one, shooting our cover photos and a majority of images for feature stories. One year on from Huxley’s launch, we sat down with ‘Shazza’ for an insight into how she fell in love with photography and where you can find her work.

Tell us a bit about Sarah Joy Photography – when did you decide to take your photography from a hobby to a job?
I always enjoyed looking at photos – wishing I could produce images like that one day. When I was very young, I remember taking photos on my first film camera and being so proud of what I thought was the most perfect photo of my Aunt’s toilet!  But my real passion for photography started in high school in my U.F.O. class (Understanding Future Options) – the idea was so exciting. In art class, it was always my goal to find a way to sway the teacher into letting me take photos as my project. I went on to study a Bachelor of New Media Arts at James Cook University and haven’t stopped taking pictures.

What’s been your favourite Huxley shoot to date?
Oh no! Don’t make me choose… I think my favourite would be issue three – the cover of the King Social guys. It was such a fun and creative shoot.

King Social. IMAGE: Sarah Joy Photography

Is there a particular style of photography you enjoy sticking to?
I’m happy to continue exploring all styles for now. It’s always exciting producing new images, and different styles keeps a great variety in my work and encourages my creativity.

What’s your dream for five or 10 years from now – would you love to be a full-time photographer?
Absolutely! I can’t wait to grow my client base.

What advice do you have for fresh-faced photography lovers – how should they get a foot in the door?
Never stop shooting. You won’t improve by sitting at home wishing you could produce photos like one of your idols. Get out there – take photos in your garden, ask your friends to model for you. And don’t offer yourself too cheap. Your skills will be valued by someone willing to pay your price, so don’t settle for less.

Where can people find your photography?
Also in issues of HUXLEY & HUTCH 😉

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