Random Art of Kindness

Local artist Megan Morris is aiming to delight unsuspecting members of the public with one free art drop a month in 2018. IMAGE: Megan Morris Artist (Facebook)

A Townsville artist is doing her bit to brighten the days of not just her customers, but complete strangers too.

Megan Morris began leaving pieces of her artwork in public for people to find two years ago, and has continued the passion project sporadically ever since.

Megan Morris leaves pieces of her artwork in public spaces for people to find and take home. IMAGE: Megan Morris

“A few years ago I began following an American pottery artist on Facebook who did free art drops all over the States – that’s where the idea stemmed from,” Megan said.

“I started doing them a year or so ago and it’s amazing to hear the stories of how people came to find them. I’ve done a horse found by a couple whose granddaughter was horse mad and having a birthday the following week, and the very first art drop I did was a mother and daughter painting found by a lady and her little girl on a walk together. It’s amazing how they always find the right person!”

Megan Morris’ first free art drop was found by a mother and daughter – “It’s amazing how they always find the right person.” IMAGE: Megan Morris Artist (Facebook)

“I don’t often draw things ‘for me’ so the art drops are good little experiment pieces and a way to put some art therapy out into the world. I’m aiming for one a month this year.”

When Megan isn’t experimenting on art drop pieces, she can usually be found giving people’s pets new life on canvas.

“Along with art, I have always had a big love of animals – I love the innocence they have.

“I feel so blessed as many of the animals that I draw have passed on and it’s such an honour for someone to trust you to create something special for them to remember their loved pet. I like to think my art helps to heal people’s hearts in a way.”

Megan’s current in-progress piece. IMAGE: Megan Morris

Megan is aiming to delight Townsville with one free art drop a month, and says we should expect a feathered friend to feature in her next piece. For hints on where the artworks will appear or for commission pieces, follow Megan Morris Artist on Facebook.

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