Catch Cath Meharry's 'Unframed' exhibiting at the Drill Hall Studio from 23 March - 25 April. IMAGE: Unnamed (detail) by Cath Meharry

An artist whose talents have been shared with generations of Townsville women will showcase her recent work in a solo exhibition, as Cath Meharry prepares her Unframed exhibition to grace the walls of the Drill Hall Studio this March.

The exhibition features a collection of the watercolour mixed media pieces Cath is known for.

Unframed features my environment and the world around me. It got its name because the work will be tacked on the wall, it won’t be behind glass or limited to a frame – it’s just as much as I could show in a world of colour, shapes, patterns, seed pods, and objects,” Cath said.

“Presenting the work unframed leaves it free to suit whatever environment the pieces are placed in – and allows me to showcase the copious amount of work I’ve accumulated. Because I’ve produced so much work since I started on this idea, if I was to go and get it all framed it would have sat around for ages.”

Cath’s passion for visual art began early in life and was passed on to her students in her years teaching at St Margaret Mary’s College.

“My passion came from my parents: my father was an artist and my art teacher, and my mother was a sculptor – so I started young. I was a high school art teacher for 40 years before I retired; I got out just before I would have started teaching the granddaughters of
my past students!

“Passing my own knowledge on has always been a passion – I’ve been a practicing artist even when I was teaching and raising my family, it’s always been a part of me. Now since the Drill Hall opened, I’ve been a part of that family there too and it’s been wonderful.

“I love sharing my techniques and the little quirks I’ve learnt – I’m not precious about my intellectual property. I love the look on people’s faces when they experience the joy of creating something. I’m glad to be part of it, and not possessive of what I do.”

Discover Cath Meharry’s Unframed exhibition at the Drill Hall Studio from 23 March – 25 April.

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