Nunny Business

Janelle Croft, Kimberly Fuller, Katherine Shield, Sally Jupp and Meredith Palmer star in NQOMT's Nunsense, opening this Friday night. IMAGE: PhotoBase NQ

Have you ever seen a nun tap dance?

Or impersonate Princess Leia?

Tap dancing, singing and more will be on show from this Friday night in NQOMT’s cabaret musical, Nunsense.

The musical will dish up more audience interaction than previous shows, thanks in part to a change in venue. Choreographer Rachel Ahern said while the Civic Theatre is closed for renovations, the show must go on.

“The space we’re using at the NQOMT Hall is a lot smaller than our typical Civic Theatre stage, so the choreography is different to anything we would do there,” Rachel said.

“There’s no room for any giant leaps or bounds, there’s literally just walking distance before you hit a wall – so it’s been a really exciting challenge to make every number look different and equally exciting in that space, and I think we’ve definitely managed to do that.

“The other challenge is that a lot of the dances in this show are completely new to our cast – most of the ladies have never done tap or ballet before, so it’s all about training them to do it in a way that they’re comfortable with, which has ended up being really comedic and fun.”

Rachel said, despite having an idea of what productions would look like ahead of time, her choreography was never planned until shows were cast.

“I always work with the performers I have and their strengths, so they feel comfortable and you get the best out of what they can do.  Our nuns are having a great time and working really hard to bring out the dance moves I’ve given them.

“Even though choreographing is stressful I just love it, I can’t get enough. It puts a smile on my face to see the cast push themselves, even though they tell me they can’t do it and it’s too hard. But I’ve seen them do it, and in the end seeing them achieve what they thought they couldn’t makes me so happy.

“There’s a lot of people who you see go from show to show and improve every time. There’s so much confidence building within them as they realise their abilities – they just keep growing.”

Catch NQOMT’s cabaret Nunsense at the NQOMT Hall, Gill Park from this Friday for two weekends only. Tickets are still available here.

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