Women’s Week Gets Moving

The Press for Progress International Women's Week event in 2018 will include a packed program of music, dance, comedy and more. IMAGE: Supplied

The Arts will be a central focus at Townsville’s Press for Progress International Women’s Week event again this year, with a huge program of music, dance, writing, comedy and more planned for the city’s official event on 10 March.

Event coordinator Jacqueline Bisson said all art mediums were valuable organic pathways to connection with self, others and community.

“Song, dance, writing and comedy all release the good endorphins and boost holistic wellbeing. The event is inclusive and encourages participation; the audience joins in and has fun, too. It’s also an opportunity to showcase the many talented artists and practitioners in our local community. This year we have a large number of young women performing aged 12 years and up. It’s great to provide opportunities for young people to aspire to their dreams and achieve their goals. They’re the future and are great leaders and mentors for their peers.”

The International Women’s Week program includes a series of Happy Health and Wellbeing Workshops that cover salsa dancing, yoga, pilates, vocal singing, writing, manifesting, massage, Zumba and a laughing circle; and will be followed by a variety concert.

“The concert line-up includes local comedian and award winner Susan Mattocks, recently published poet Maggie Walsh of Palm Island, young local singer song writers, Elation Aerials performing acrobatics with silks, West African Drumming group Drumbumba, Latin Vibrations, Movimento and more,” said Jacqueline.

“It is a spectacular effort to bring the community together along with so many performers, practitioners and artists to offer their services and time to contribute to the vibrancy of our local community here in Townsville. We really hope people will leave the event with a greater sense of joy, personal growth, information, connections, ideas for activities to foster and maintain wellbeing and enhance their lives.”

The Press for Progress Women’s Week Workshops will commence at 3pm on Saturday 10 March at the Old Courthouse Theatre, with the concert to begin at 6pm. For more information, find them on Facebook.

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