Groovy Art Workshops Underway

Public art workshops for Groovin the Moo will take place at Umbrella Studio contemporary arts each weekend this month. IMAGE: Angela Little

Groovin the Moo’s 2018 event will not only feature a diverse lineup of musicians, but will be held at a venue more colourful than ever, thanks to the creative talent of locals.

Local organisations have not only been invited to create artwork to line the fences, but provide shade to Moo-vers as well.

Umbrella Studio contemporary arts Gallery Coordinator Angela Little said the studio’s 2018 public artwork would be as colourful as their 2017 Groovin Grub, but will be created in a completely different way.

“We’re working with the community to create three giant, colourful tee pees that will be set up at Townsville’s Groovin the Moo. There are three big legs of bamboo that will be wrapped and covered in different coloured ribbons, wool and textures – so there will be rainbows all the way up each pole, and we’ll have netting for the tee pees woven with bright ribbons and tape; and will make a canopy to stretch over the top made out of CDs,” Angela said.

“During the making process, we’ll have three different stations for the three different activities: weaving the netting, wrapping the bamboo poles, and decorating each CD. In the last few weeks of the workshops we’ll start putting it all together, then it will be set up on-site at Groovin the Moo.

“We’re working with the GTM site team to make sure it looks awesome and is set up safely – it will also act as a chill-out space during the festival, so will provide shade from the sun and I’m sure the colours and creativity of the structure will look cool and build on the vibe of the event.”

Anyone from the community is welcome to join the making process of the tee pee, with the final two workshops this weekend.

“Last year we had all different age groups, abilities and skill sets coming in for the public art workshops, which made us think carefully about making sure this year’s workshops were just as inclusive for all abilities.”

Participants in Umbrella Studio contemporary arts’ public art workshops are able to choose between weaving netting, decorating CDs or wrapping bamboo in ribbon. IMAGE: Angela Little

“Groovin the Moo have also given us 35 tickets to give away to workshop participants, so if people want to go in the draw to win a free ticket to this year’s festival, they just need to come along to at least two of our GTM workshops.

“It’s looking like our tee pees will hopefully have life after Groovin the Moo as well: they’ll be going to Palm Creek Folk Festival to provide some colour and shade there too, and they’ll hopefully be used for several Palm Creek Festivals in the future!”

The final two community art workshops will be held at Umbrella Studio contemporary arts from 10am-1pm this Saturday and Sunday. More information available here.  See the completed artwork on display at Groovin the Moo on Sunday 6 May, with the lineup and tickets available here.

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