Koffin Up Bloody Good Tunes

The Koffin Rockers' drummer Dean Gilboy said the band is the same meat pie they always have been - but now come with a whole lot of extra sauce. IMAGE: The incredible Sharon Kennedy

2018 will be a whirlwind from start to finish for local outfit the Koffin Rockers: after signing with a US Record label, the Townsville threepiece bunkered down to record their first full-length album over the New Year before taking to the stage alongside Killing Heidi, Eskimo Joe, The Superjesus and more for Hotter Than Hell in January.

Now, they’re weeks away from supporting Canadian band Creepshow for the Queensland leg of their tour before touring the music off their new album through Europe.

Koffin Rockers’ drummer and vocalist Dean Gilboy said performing at Hotter Than Hell was a great way to see how audiences reacted to the band’s original songs.

“It was great to have the opportunity to road test these songs with a platform such as Hotter than Hell. It was a great way for us to really see just how they would sound and feel when played in front of a high energy audience,” Dean said.

“Unfortunately, it was also a way to discover just how out of shape we all really are – the new songs have a little more ‘sauce’ than any of our previous ones. We still have that ‘meat pie’ sound… we just spent that extra 20 cents and got some sauce to go with it.”

Credit for that sauce can be attributed both to the band finding ‘their sound’, as well as the latest album (recorded locally) being mastered and produced in America.

“After many years of playing together and trying to figure out just where we sit as a band, we have finally done it. This album is a real collective of all our influences as a band and as musicians. Feels good.

“Having Batcave Records come on board means we can finally figure out just where the bat cave actually is. Kidding. It means we have somebody who can master and distribute our music and promote us through the US, so hopefully there will be a USA tour soon – watch this space!”

Michael Hegarty (guitar), Dean Gilboy (drums) and Shaun Butcher (double bass) performing at Hotter Than Hell. IMAGE: Sharon Kennedy

Touring is also something the band hopes will lead to more fans of their own original songs.

“If you want to work as a musician and get paid, then you need to play songs people want to hear – covers – and it can be discouraging at times. But if playing cover gigs means you can afford studio time to record an album then so be it!

“When it comes to writing songs, how it normally goes is Hegs (guitarist and vocalist Michael Hegarty) will come to me with a song idea or a riff. We jam on it a little and try some different things based on that riff or idea. Sometimes that song will then get to the next stage, or sometimes it will get put away for a couple of years and it will stick its head out at the right time; some of these songs on the album started being written over three years ago.

“I normally write the vocal melodies and harmonies, and general arrangements of the songs. Butch (double bassist and vocalist Shaun Butcher) is by far the best lyricist of the band, so we usually leave the majority of the lyrics side of things to him. Hegs and I have been playing together for years, and the two of us work very well together in the songwriting department.”

While the album has no name or launch date set in stone, Dean said to expect new tunes sooner rather than later.

“We have a few album name ideas rolling around, but we haven’t decided on anything yet – it’s usually a last-minute thing and always has been for some reason.

For updates on the release of the Koffin Rockers’ as-yet-untitled album and tour dates, follow them on Facebook.

The Koffin Rockers image featuring in the March/April issue of Huxley was taken by Sharon Kennedy, however was wrongly attributed. We apologise for the mistake – find more of Sharon’s photos from Hotter Than Hell here!

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  • I can’t praise these guys enough for their energy, devotion to being as genuine as they are talented, and for their never-ending appreciation for all who love their music and have supported them on their constant journey to entertain. What a brilliant article, but I have to admit, I’m totally biased, but they have earned their stripes over the years and it’s so good to see them reaching for the stars, and having a ball while they do that. Well done, fellas, much love, now and always! ~ Shazz

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