Road Revisited

Todd Barty in Full Throttle Theatre Company's 'The Road To Midnight.' IMAGE: Paul Freeman

One of Full Throttle Theatre Company’s most popular productions of 2017 will be rebooted, as the group brings The Road to Midnight back to the Old Courthouse Theatre this week.

The play, adapted and directed by Todd Barty, is different from previous Full Throttle adaptations.

“Adaptations are always popular – I’ve adapted various fairy tales and children’s classics in the past – but The Road to Midnight is new territory. People don’t know these characters from books or films,” said Todd.

“It is based on a German play called From Morning to Midnight by George Kaiser – but is a very free adaptation. The original was longer and dream-like, but this adaptation is a short sharp shock; darkly funny, thrilling and surreal.”

Revisiting The Road to Midnight was an easy decision for Full Throttle, following positive cast and audience reactions in its first season.

“The cast really enjoyed the production last year; trusting each other as we ventured into such unusual territory had an incredibly unifying effect on the ensemble and the show got some fantastic feedback. Doing it again means that more people will have a chance to see it, some new actors will get to experience this rare opportunity to be in an Expressionist work, and I get a chance to have another go at it – I am not easily satisfied!”

‘Having another go at it’ doesn’t mean dusting off the script and making a carbon copy of last year’s show, either.

“There are some new cast [members] who bring their own take on characters to the table, which is really interesting as a director. The addition of a chorus of lunatics will certainly intensify the experience. I have altered some text to make connections between the framing device and the play; the point is in sharper focus, and we are much crazier!

“The Road to Midnight is basically about the worst midlife crisis ever! The story begins in the auditorium of a Gothic asylum, where a mad doctor is collaborating with one of the patients to reinvent theatre; creating a form that is more than a passing diversion imitating life. The tale is told in the style of a madman’s dream as it screams through and around the audience to its electrifying conclusion.”

Catch Full Throttle Theatre Company’s The Road to Midnight at the Old Courthouse Theatre from 18-22 April, with information and tickets available here. Tonight’s launch will begin at 10:30pm in order to conclude at midnight. Language, a stylised sex scene and a scary atmosphere make this one for the adults.

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