How Bra-zarre

Artist Sonia Ward with her piece for the Drill Hall Studio group exhibition, 'Bra-zarre.'

The next group exhibition to launch at the Drill Hall Studio isn’t your typical oil-on-canvas show.

Bra-zarre will open tonight and will pay homage to bras and the female breast.

Exhibition curator and artist, Sonia Ward, said the show was a chance for the artists and audience to have fun as well as start an important dialogue.

Bra-zarre brings different women – and men! – together. The works are mostly humorous and it opens a door for conversation about more serious subjects like breast cancer. It’s also an exhibition that should be fun so people can have a laugh about the pieces on display,” Sonia said.

“My piece, Metamorphosis, is about how the bra has changed from something that was really restrictive to something that’s become fashionable. I was working on that for about three weeks because it’s all hand-sewn, and have a hand-sewn purse included as well.

“We have a ‘breast in show’ award where people can vote on the best piece for a gold coin donation. That money will go to Dragons Abreast.

“At the launch tonight there’s going to be guest speakers, belly dancing, and a food truck. It should be a really fun night.”

Catch the launch of Bra-zarre at the Drill Hall Studio from 6:30pm tonight. The group exhibition will be on display until 23 May.

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