Men Swear by Tyler’s Men’s Wear

Tyler Giudes' latest menswear release has drawn much of its inspiration from his grandad. IMAGE: Brittany Giudes

Townsville Fashion Designer Tyler Giudes has launched a new range of men’s wear, expanding on his enormously successful line of short-run women’s wear.

The range, which features short and long-sleeved shirts and shorts in the poppy prints Tyler is known for, comes as a response to the unmet demand among North Queensland’s men looking for something beyond major retail chains.

“I did a very small capsule range [of men’s wear] that I showed at Townsville Fashion Festival and it all sold out,” said Tyler. “I only did it as a bit of fun and a bit of a gimmick, but it’s the one capsule range that I did that I still have so many people asking ‘When are you going to launch more for men?’ So, I’m doing it!

“At the moment [the range is] very limited – it’s all about the prints and the fabrics. I’ve really reflected a lot of my personality into the fabrics that I’ve picked and a lot of the colour choices as well. They’re just not what you’re seeing around in men’s wear at the moment, so it’s really exciting.”

As with his popular range of women’s wear, Tyler hasn’t had to look far to find his inspiration for the new men’s range.

“The reflection for my women’s wear has always been it’s for the everyday woman and I always look at my mother and my grandmother and feel ‘well, they’re everyday women’ … so when it came to launching the men’s wear I thought, ‘why do anything different?’ I think my grandad is very young at heart and he would be a perfect representative. He’s very cool; very, very cool,” Tyler said.

While the first installment of Tyler’s men’s wear range is only freshly launched, a second range will be revealed at this year’s Townsville Fashion Festival in May. Tyler has been involved with the Festival since its inaugural year in 2012 and credits much of his success to this event and others involved with it.

“I think what we’re lucky to have in Townsville is a really supportive community. There’s so many people who’ve been part of Townsville Fashion Festival since inception; they just follow the journey and they want you to succeed and they want to help, and it’s really rewarding.”

Tyler Giudes Designs’ men’s wear range is available in Textile Collective in Castletown. For more information, visit

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