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St Margaret Mary's College year 11 student Sophie Morris with her wearable art creation. IMAGE: Karen Cumner

Wearable art has had a meteoric rise in Townsville over the past few years – so much so that Wearable Art Townsville has now launched as its own event, separate from the Townsville Fashion Festival. Interest is spread far and wide in Townsville, including at local high schools. We were lucky enough to receive a recount from St Margaret Mary’s College (SMMC) year 11 student Sophie Morris, who shared with us her own experience with wearable art and what people can expect from the SMMC students’ parade on 11 May 2018.

GUEST WRITER: Sophie Morris

The beginning of Year 11 Visual Art was both exciting and unnerving for us.

For our first senior art assessment, we were eager to begin our wearable art task. We had been eagerly anticipating this unit, after being inspired by previous Year 11 Art students and witnessing their own creations over the years.

In our very first lesson, our teacher Mr Pope gave us the task, which required a focus on the concepts of urban, suburban, forest, desert, or ocean-themed environments. We were to explore and reflect whichever environment we chose for our piece through the design and the materials we created and used. In week five, our class went to Bulletin Square in the city to look at the lightboxes showcasing wearable art creations by Townsville students. Over the course of term one we worked tirelessly on our pieces, gathering materials and inspiration, piecing together our art thread by thread, glue stick by glue stick by so many glue sticks.

Our class was lucky enough to have the help of local artist, designer and educator Claudia Williams each week of term one, too. Ms Williams, the creator of the 2016 Townsville Banner Dress, provided her knowledge and skills on wearable art making and worked hard with each student individually to ensure our wearable art pieces were amazing. We are so grateful to her for her dedication and giving us her time each week.

As we progressed with our designs, we prepared to take the next big step in our wearable art journey: entering Wearable Art Townsville (WAT). WAT, previously a part of the Townsville Fashion Festival, became an exciting opportunity for us to showcase our wearable art projects outside of SMMC later in the year. Three students were lucky to be accepted into WAT. We look forward to our progress update in May and hope we make it into the final stages of showcasing our wearable art pieces on the runway. Make sure to buy tickets on the Wearable Art Townsville website and support us Maggies and local artists on Saturday, 20 October.

Now that we have completed our wearable art pieces, our class nervously looks forward to modelling our works at our whole college assembly on Friday 11 May at 8:50am. All are invited to see our amazing and talented Year 11 Art students' visual creations come to life.

Sophie Morris is in year 11 at St Margaret Mary’s College.
SMMC art students will showcase their wearable art creations at a special assembly open to the public at 8:50am on Friday, 11 May 2018. 
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