Premier(ship) Performance

Where were you when the Cowboys won their first premiership?

Whether you’re a sporting fan or not, there’s no doubt if you were in North Queensland during the 2015 NRL Grand Final, you knew about it; and rightly so, because it was remarkable.

The game has gone down as one of the most memorable matches in the sport’s history, and united communities like never before.

The emotion of the game and its impact on the North has been translated into the latest offering by Queensland Theatre, debase productions, Jute Theatre, and Dancenorth: The Longest Minute.

The Longest Minute follows the story of teenage rugby league player Jessica Wright (Chenoa Deemal) working to succeed in rugby league and make her father proud, set during the 2015 NRL Premiership.

Director Bridget Boyle said the correlation between sport and theatre during the Grand Final was evident.

“There were more last-minute plot twists and suspense than any of the great plays I’ve read. And then, after 20 years of heartbreak, a Cowboys victory,” Bridget said.

The Longest Minute is 80 minutes of high-energy theatricality that spans joyful highs and some tragic lows. With the high-profile success of Australian women in sport – from the AFLW to the giant-beating Matildas (women’s soccer team), the show is a timely story that celebrates the power of determination in the face of prejudice.”

The performance also acts as a bridge between followers of sport and theatre.

“This brand-new piece of theatre is for sports-loving people who think that theatre is not for them, and, it’s for the theatre-lovers who don’t follow sport. It’s a joyful, exuberant and deeply moving story for everyone.”

Catch The Longest Minute at Dancenorth, with performances from tonight until Saturday 19 May. For performance times and ticketing information, click here

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