New Wave of New Media Talent

James Cook University students preparing for 'Mobius,' which will be unveiled at Umbrella Studio contemporary arts in June. IMAGE: Dylan Megaw

Students from James Cook University are angling to make their mark on Townsville’s creative arts landscape, as they collaborate on a series of multi-disciplinary projects to address the real world needs of local organisations.

As part of their final year course, JCU’s New Media Arts students have formed teams of photographers, graphic and sound designers, animators, writers and filmmakers, which will take creative briefs from other organisations in Townsville acting as clients for the students to produce New Media content. The students will showcase their finished work at a special launch at Umbrella Studio contemporary arts.

The project’s committee president Jason Hill said the assignment provided students with an exciting creative challenge.

“It’s extremely eye-opening to work directly with our own clients,” said Jason.

“The experience is proving valuable, as it’s giving many of us our first taste of taking a creative brief, pitching our ideas in response and delivering a final product. The chance to showcase our resulting works to the Townsville community is also very exciting. Although for many of us, our time at uni will be coming to an end – it marks an important milestone in our creative journey, which is only just beginning!”

The projects being undertaken by students include a La Luna Youth Arts Facebook campaign, a real estate advert for a studio and a documentary for the opening of an art exhibition.

Committee secretary Kate Grenenger expressed gratitude for the time, skill and emotion invested by clients and her peers.

“Arts isn’t just a degree anymore, it is a requirement of understanding the modern world. We are grateful for the means to do this and, like true artists, we hope that our collective knowledge, talent and experiences are passed on to the next generation of creatives.”

The participating New Media Arts students will launch their Creative Partnerships work at Umbrella Studio contemporary art on 1 June 2018.

Written by Guest Writer: Dylan Megaw, JCU New Media Arts student.

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