Townsville Film-Maker Snags Telly Award #2

Townsville film-maker Lyndon Berresford has been awarded a second Telly Award in two years, working on upcoming short film 'The Millennial' IMAGE: Supplied

A Townsville-based film-maker has been recognised for his collaboration with a production team in Hollywood, clinching a second Telly Award in as many years.

Lyndon Berresford and his team were recently awarded a Bronze Telly Award in the Online Movie Trailer category for their preview of The Millennial, a short film that they’ve been working on for the past 12 months and plan to release before the end of the year.

Lyndon said while they had finished the near-final cut of The Millennial in January and had been accepted to a number of Short Film Festivals already, some last minute fine-tuning has delayed their premiere plans slightly.

“We had finished the whole film January and we put it out for some peer review and got a little bit of feedback on the structure of the story and how to improve,” Lyndon said.

“Also, the running time was considered a bit too long by the film festivals. We were coming in at about 16-17 minutes and we’ve cut it back to about 10 minutes and brought a new composer on board to do some new music. He’s done a really, really good job so we’re looking at putting a soundtrack out on Apple Music as well. It’s still not quite finished, we’re off submitting to Film Festivals again, but the trailer’s out and that’s what picked up the Telly Award.”

THE MILLENNIAL TRAILER #1 (2018) from Noel Braham on Vimeo.

Lyndon said the team wasn’t quite sure what to make of picking up the award before having a completed film in the can.

“Everyone’s sort of taken a breath in the last couple of months and gone ‘Let’s not rush it, let’s get it right and hit this next round of film festivals coming along’. Then this Award sort of came out of the blue and we’re like Great!

“The trailer has had some pretty impressive feedback from some quite big Hollywood hitters as well. They’ve said “this is really exciting”, so we’ve got to make sure the film’s as good as the trailer now. There’s a lot of pressure there and that’s why we’ve sort of stepped back a bit and gone from there.”

While many artists would shudder at the thought of cutting their work in almost half, Lyndon said he, Director Noel Braham, and the rest of The Millennial’s team just want to give their film the best possible chance to succeed.

“Because everyone’s put so much time and their own money into it, we just want to make sure it is good. We’ve kept it back a year to try and have it ready to be the best it can be. It is tough because the biggest problem we’ve had is people asking where it is. It’s been about a year in production for a short, so it’s starting to get up there in time now but, like I said, we just want to make sure it’s right, get it out and move on to the next one.”

And it looks like “the next one” could be a little closer to home.

“I’ve been involved in the Townsville Indie Filmmakers group and I’m looking to produce a little thing in Townsville actually,”said Lyndon. “I’m in the script-writing stage at the moment, I’ve got a story treatment and I’m looking to get a few of the local guys involved. I think there’s a few keen people to do something here now and the guys I’ve been working with in LA are keen to get involved with it as well. We’ll do another collaborative project but do it the other way ‘round this time. It has been me working over there and Townsville’s input into Hollywood; this way it’ll be hopefully produced locally in Townsville and North Queensland and [the LA crew] might come out for a week or two and do some work here.”

For more information about The Millennial, follow @TheMillennialFilm on Instagram







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