Strand’s Canvas Wiped Clean

Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill said Strand Park's 'Uncontained' would be decommissioned and auctioned off next Thursday.

The final remnants of Festival 2018 will disappear next week, with Strand Park’s art installation Uncontained set to disappear on 27 July.

The towering shipping container structures decorated with street art will be removed from Strand Park, however their underground foundations will remain in place to allow for future installations.

Mayor Jenny Hill said several of the containers would remain with Townsville City Council for future activations and a local housing development had expressed interest in obtaining three, while the remainder would be up for grabs in an auction.

“On 26 July we’ll host a cocktail function in Strand Park to auction off the containers. And then the next day, sadly Uncontained will begin to be taken down,” Cr Hill said.

“We’ve invited local businesses, but obviously if people want to attend and bid for the containers themselves we’re happy to have them.

“Festival 2018 was such a success with more than 65,000 attending the events here at Uncontained in Strand Park and close to 100,000 at other events in Queens Gardens and Jezzine Barracks. It was a fantastic event but the final act for Uncontained will be on 26 July.

“The [ground-level] concrete footings will be taken away but there’s footings underground which will remain – so if we wish, we can do this sort of installation again.”

Division 3 Councillor Ann-Maree Greaney said keeping the footings was an important legacy for Uncontained.

“Because Uncontained was so successful and in such an iconic location, we’re looking at continuing on Festival 2018 and the idea of Uncontained,” Cr Greaney said.

“I believe a few of Council’s containers will pop up around town and you may see them back at Strand Park at a later date. There’s been so much interest and a lot of people have asked what we’ll be doing with them, so I think there’ll be a lot of people here on the 26th.

“There’s a lot of upcoming events like the Strand Night Markets and the Townsville Triathlon Festival over the coming months while our weather is spectacular, so the containers will be removed and Strand Park will go back to the normal space it is for them.”

Have somewhere you’d love seeing one of the Uncontained pieces around town? Contact your local Councillor with your ideas. Festival 2018: The Final Act, the auction of several containers, will be held at Strand Park on Thursday 26 July. For more information, follow Townsville City Council’s Facebook page. What would you want to see happen to the containers? Here are some of our ideas!

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