Layers of Watercolour

Cath Meharry's artwork reflects the layers found in nature.

“I like watercolour because it’s free-flowing and you have limited control. You can see shapes that weren’t meant to be there and get wonderful resistance – it frees you up to do exciting things.”

After teaching art at Townsville’s St Margaret Mary’s College for more than 40 years, Huxley’s July/August artist-in-focus Cath Meharry is now most often found nestled in The Drill Hall Studio, as one of the gallery’s resident artists.

“I love sharing my techniques and little quirks I’ve learnt – I’m not precious about my intellectual property. I like to get people loosened up and love the look on people’s faces when they experience the joy of creating something. I’m glad to be part of it, and not possessive of what I do. I have several students in my Thursday class at Drill Hall who I like to call my groupies because their work has just gone from strength to strength and it just gives me a thrill – it’s such a joy to see how much they enjoy creating work of their own, and always improving.

“My work reflects the ‘layers’ of my environment – the small worlds within a world. Lift a leaf or branch from the forest floor when walking through the rainforest, or seaweed when walking along the beach, and you will find another little cosmos. A fascinating, small, new world.

“I try to capture the colour, shape and fine detail of these little worlds: the opening bud or the worm-eaten leaf before it returns to the earth … everything has its own beauty.

“I also add touches of collage to add texture and layers and cut out the ‘good’ bits of a work I feel is not working to collage into a new work.

“My work is my way of relaxing, telling my story; my meditation with paint.”

Find Cath Meharry’s artwork at the Drill Hall Studio, Mitchell Street.

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