Baillie Busts Out

King Social guitarist Jason Baillie has been unveiling his solo metal work IMAGE: Ummagummamumma

Townsville guitarist Jason Baillie, best known for his role as lead guitarist for King Social, has returned to his thrash metal roots, releasing his first single, Alpha Centauri, in July and the second, Cosmic Disclosure, yesterday.

The releases are the first steps in Jason’s plan to roll out one new single per month; ultimately, reverse-engineering the traditional EP concept by building it track-by-track. The tracks were all produced in collaboration with former Megadeath guitarist Glen Drover.

“It was a really cool process,” said Jason. “Glen took on the role of part-Producer, part-mentor, so I’d record my ideas as I worked on them and send them over to him to have a listen. Sometimes he’d come back to me and say ‘Do you want my honest advice?’ and of course I’d say yes. He’d make suggestions and I’d go away to work on them and it would always turn out even better than I’d expected.

“It’s been a slow process and a tricky one, working with musicians all over the world – we’d record our tracks separately and Skype at crazy hours – but it’s all come out great in the mix and mastering process.”

Find Jason Baillie’s new work on Spotify and all major digital music platforms.

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