Dust to Dust

'Dust' by Townsville's Dancenorth will preview locally next week, before premiering at Brisbane Festival. IMAGE: Dust (detail) by Amber Haines

Inspiration for creativity can come from anywhere – and for Dancenorth’s next offering, that inspiration came from life itself.

Dust, created by Amber Haines and Kyle Page, was largely influenced by the birth of their son last year.

Dust is an investigation into the architecture of inheritance; the passive assortment of inheritance we each accumulate on a personal, social, cultural and political level,” Kyle said.

“On the 21st of March 2017 our son Jasper was born – and the ensuing weeks and months warped time and proffered deep contemplation. We thought about the world into which he was born and our role in shaping that world.

“We thought about the world into which we were born and deeply questioned all we had become accustomed to. We considered both the intimate and global conditions that we unconsciously assimilate into our lives and explored the consequences of these systems.”

The production sees Dancenorth collaborate with Tasmanian architects Liminal Spaces to produce a state-of-the-art set, with the performance’s soundtrack performed live by Canada’s Jessica Moss (Thee Silver Mt Zion).

“Elvio Brianese and Peta Heffernan (Directors of Liminal Spaces) came to see Syncing Feeling when Amber and I performed at Mofo in 2016. They loved the work and are enormous fans of contemporary performance. We started speaking and there was an instant and great synergy around the idea of collaboration. Peta and Elvio have a central philosophy of collaboration within their studio and very rarely use the word I, instead we or us. This was such a beautiful connector to the way Dancenorth operates and the way we work collaboratively and collectively together. The work that Peta and Elvio produce is visionary, bold and aesthetically sublime and it has been an absolute delight to work with them not only in a design sense but also in a conceptual sense, in the rationalisation of the work as a whole.

“As with all our works, Dust is a true collaboration, no element stands alone, all influenced and ultimately enriched by the presence of the other. Only through the generous and insightful contributions of the creatives and the openness and immense skill of the dancers has Dust emerged.

Dust invites the audience to question, reimagine and recreate what has been handed to you, what has been handed to us, and what in turn we hand to others; our children … For while we are each the sum of our inherited parts, we are more importantly the parts of a much, much larger sum.”

Catch the Townsville previews of Dust at Dancenorth on 12-13 September, before it’s Premiere at Brisbane Festival. This performance contains nudity and is suitable for ages 12+. For more information and tickets, visit dancenorth.com.au

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