Hearing Colour

The latest group exhibition at the Drill Hall Studio, 'Coloratura,' is on display until 26 September.

The latest group exhibition at the Drill Hall Studio, featuring the work of more than 10 local artists, celebrates the unique relationship between colour and music.

Coloratura, Italian for ‘colouring’, in English is defined as the elaborate ornamentation of a vocal melody – which Drill Hall Studio Owner and Resident Artist Sue Tilley said fit the theme of the exhibition perfectly.

“The idea behind the show was the connection between music and visual art – but specifically that there are certain concepts in music that also apply to art, such as colour,” Sue said.

“There’s a lot of parallels between visual art an music in the pleasure it gives people and the expression it allows – they’re a natural combination, really.

“The exhibition name, Coloratura, came from Google! Lacking a substantial musical education, I was looking for the right word to combine both music and art. I knew there was a word, and I knew what I wanted the title to encompass, so when I found this name knew it was perfect.”

Sue’s piece in the exhibition features the frame of a violin – with the front face replaced by glass.

Symphony in Blue by Sue Tilley

“My work was inspired by the sexy curves of a violin! It seems sacrilegious to disassemble one, but once I got past that step there was something so beautiful about the glass taking shape and how it is framed by the violin now. The work is called Symphony in Blue – years ago I made a violin out of driftwood called Symphony in Sea (C) as a play on words, so I’ve loved exploring that more..

“There’s something really nice about the lines and curves of a violin which are a symphony of their own, and having the light inside the violin just raises it even further.”

Catch the group exhibition Coloratura at the Drill Hall Studio until 26 September. 

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