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First year Creative Arts students at CQU Townsville will showcase their skills in a performance at C2 tomorrow night. IMAGE: Annika Brice

Townsville’s first year cohort of CQUniversity Bachelor of Creative Arts students will be given a chance to showcase their passion for the arts this Friday night, with their end-of-year assessment open to the public.

Student Annika Brice, majoring in acting, said the first year of her degree had already included a broad range of content which would be on display in the performance.

“Studies so far have included practical theatre work consisting of different script work and improvisation. We’ve also had communications class where you learn how to communicate professionally across different platforms, as well as theatre history where we learnt about how theatre came to be and how it developed over time,” said Annika.

“We’ve had classes where we learnt about [the history and technical aspects of] Townsville’s Civic Theatre as well as different types of theatres around Australia and the world. We are currently also learning about the different creative artists who invented artworks or types of theatre before anyone else.

“Involvement in performing from an early age helped me realise my love and passion for acting, which is something I feel has always been a part of me. I always made sure drama was one of my subjects right up until I graduated high school. Recently I’ve also performed in Props Youth Theatre’s production of the Wizard of Oz and performed as part of Ravenswood’s 150th Anniversary celebrations last weekend. Acting is definitely something I see myself continuing for the rest of my life – whether it goes big time or just locally.”

Annika said the showcase would feature a number of different performances of varying influence.

“We have three different pieces that are going to be performed, each with a different meaning to convey, coupled with an amazing sound track and hopefully a few laughs as well.

“To people considering a future in the creative arts, I’d say pursue at least a year’s work in the area you see yourself in to at least gain an understanding and feel of that path, and allow you to have the knowledge that you had at least worked to know whether it’s for you not.”

Catch the CQUniversity Townsville Bachelor of Creative Arts End of Year Showcase at C2 on 12 October 2018. For more information and to RSVP click here.

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