Waltz in, Matilda

Matilda Duncan has scored a support spot and duet with The Rubens on the Cairns leg og their LO LA RU Tour IMAGE: Mathew Currie

A Townsville teenager will join The Rubens on stage to sing a duet of their platinum single Never Ever after unwittingly entering her original track in a Triple J Unearthed competition.

Matilda Duncan had no idea she was in the running to be one of nine Unearthed artists chosen to support The Rubens on their forthcoming LO LA RU tour, until she received the call from an Unearthed Exec offering her a spot.

“I’d uploaded the track for Unearthed High a couple of months ago and I didn’t realise that being up there put me in the running for this,” explained Matilda.

“This guy just called me and said ‘We’d like you to open for The Rubens’ and I said ‘That would be incredible. I’m definitely in.’

Empty is the only track Matilda has uploaded to Unearthed to date, although she has penned a number of original songs. Triple J’s Dave Ruby Howe reviewed the song, saying: “Beautiful work, Matilda. The track’s got an effortless strum to it and then you come in with some casually killer vocals.”

While she has a few weeks to prepare her set for the LO LA RU tour, Matilda has a few competing priorities between now and then.

“I’ve got to graduate high school, first!

“And I’ve got my school production [Rock of Ages] happening, so I won’t have much time to play a heap of gigs between now and [The Rubens shows], but I do have the Neighbourhood Sessions one this Saturday. It would be nice to get some more gigs before I go up to Cairns, but we’ll see whether that happens.”

The shock of the win is still sinking in, especially since Matilda has never been able to see The Rubens perform live before.

“They’ve come to Townsville a couple of times, but they’ve always been 18+ venues, so I haven’t been able to get in. I think I’ll have a good view this time.”

Matilda Duncan will support The Rubens on the Cairns leg of their LO LA RU tour at the Tanks Arts Centre on 13 and 14 December 2018.

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