'Colour Pop' by Erica Vincent is one of the piecs appearing in the 2018 JCU student exhibition, 'Mobius' IMAGE: Josey Kearney

James Cook University’s Bachelor of Creative Media students will showcase their work in what may be the final student exhibition before the course becomes extinct.

For many students, Mobius will also be their first opportunity to publicly exhibit their work.

JCU Creative Media Association President, Jason Hill, said the exhibition played an important role in the students’ transitions to professional artists.

‘From the Ground Up’ by Brianna Laguna

“The exhibition is one of our first major real-world opportunities to explore and showcase our abilities,” said Jason.

“An important of being a creative is simply getting out there and just doing. Our degree has provided us with the skills and knowledge in our respective practices,” he said.

The work of 25 third-year and honours students will be showcased in the exhibition including photography, video works, graphic design and sound projects.

Not only do the students provide all the artwork for the exhibition, they also are responsible for the entire planning and execution of the event – a skill that will serve them in their future Arts practice.

‘ Space Cadet’ by Shania Fullard

“We essentially have to organise the exhibition from start to finish – and for many (if not all) of us, it’s our first time putting an event like this together,” Jason said.

“Working closely with the Townsville City Council’s Gallery Services has been a beneficial insight into the local creative community, and we’re looking forward to a really successful opening night in November,” he said.

Mobius will be on display at Pinnacles Gallery from 3-25 November, with the launch event this Saturday at 6pm. For more information, click here

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