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Townsville film maker Mathew Currie will keep busy over the Christmas break, beginning season two of his 'Connections' short film series. IMAGE: Blurr

“One day I realised there was so much culture and innovation in Townsville largely undiscovered or which was flying under the radar – so I thought starting a short series showcasing them would be really helpful not just to me in improving my own skills, but showcasing the incredible opportunities on our doorstep.”

Despite still studying at university, Townsville film maker and animator Mathew Currie is already making a name for himself.

Between honing his skills completing a Bachelor of Creative Media at JCU and regular film and photography work for clients, Mat releases short films telling the stories of local people and organisations he believes are worth sharing.

“When I started uni, I realised you had to work your butt off to get a job in this industry no matter where in the world you are, so started building a portfolio of my own. I found the easiest way for people to find all of my work in one place was to start my own page, so launched OneT Creations – and wanted to make sure I would have content to post on a regular basis,” Mat said.

Mat launched a short film series, Connections, earlier this year to apply skills he was learning through his work and studies to projects he had complete creative control over.

Connections by OneT – EPISODE 5 – Matilda Duncan Music I am so excited to share the story of Matilda as she has such a great talent and goes above and beyond to show it! Enjoy 😊🌍

Posted by OneT Creations on Monday, 16 July 2018

Connections started while I was watching 60-second documentaries on Facebook – I realised that a lot of people I knew locally had really unique traits and stories, from athletes to singers and circus performers, and there was a whole culture in Townsville that was unexplored for the most part.

“I thought if I started a series of short, snappy videos showing what these people or organisations did and the benefits they had for the community, it would help locals begin to appreciate where they live more and realise there was so much to do on their doorstep.

“There has been a lot of amazing feedback ever since I released the very first video: it started with me just wanting to focus on athletes, but then I spoke to a couple of different festivals and not-for-profits, and now it’s steered towards singers and musicians too. As soon as I lit the spark, everything picked up and our city’s diversity was really highlighted for me – we’re more than just a Garrison city.”

Find Mathew Currie’s short film series Connections here. If you know someone worth featuring, nominate them here.

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