Yes they Can, Yes they Did

The latest exhibition to launch at Perc Tucker Regional Gallery, 'CANdid,' showcases work of the University of Canberra and North Queensland Tafe Visual Arts students. IMAGE: Bronte Perry's work in CANdid by Rob Douma

Townsville’s cohort of University of Canberra Bachelor of Visual Arts students and Tafe North Queensland Visual Arts students have combined for their annual emerging artists exhibition, CANdid.

The 2018 exhibition launched last week featuring pieces by more than 15 students specialising in varying artforms.

Bachelor of Visual Arts student Bronte Perry said the exhibition was a culmination of knowledge, experience and ideas.

“The emerging artist exhibition never has a central theme because it’s usually pretty hard to get everyone onto the same thing – students make really diverse works across a lot of really broad conceptual ideas. The title, CANdid, acknowledges the exhibition shows what we can do, and it’s also a bit of a candid look at each of our practices so it was a great title to tie everything together,” Bronte said.

‘CANdid’ features art in a range of mediums created by more than 15 local students from the University of Canberra and Tafe North Queensland. IMAGE: Rob Douma

“Our artforms are pretty diverse: there’s a bit of drawing, painting, a few different forms of printmaking such as lino and etching, digital prints, and book art – I think that was a design unit the diploma students covered. There’s also a few video pieces included as well.

“Everyone involved in this has excellent work. It’s said every year but honestly the pieces coming out of Tafe are always really cool and the variety explored in the works is really interesting – so even if you’re not fully into the art scene, coming to group exhibitions is great because you can see a lot of different views on current events. There’s something for everyone to enjoy.”

Although the Bachelor degree through the University of Canberra is being discontinued locally, the Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma qualifications in Visual Art will continue to be offered in Townsville. Bronte said the courses offered through Tafe were a valuable stepping stone into arts careers. 

“If you are interested in the creative industries, I’d definitely recommend seeing what Tafe has to offer. There’s some great courses available at all levels with a focus on practical and studio work which is a real drawcard – and it shouldn’t be underestimated! Lots of people look straight towards uni degrees, but these qualifications are a fantastic start to any career path.”

Catch the emerging artists exhibition CANdid at Perc Tucker Regional Gallery until 25 November.

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