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Umbrella Studio's Angela Little and A Touch of Salt's Michael Brine say the collaboration between North Queensland food and art will be showcased like never before this weekend.

This weekend, a selection of Townsville’s best food and art will combine in Umbrella Studio contemporary arts’ final fundraiser for the year.

A Taste of Art will pair a unique art experience with a menu invented and prepared by A Touch of Salt.

Umbrella Studio Gallery Coordinator Angela Little said the event was one that showcased incredible North Queensland creations.

“We decided to collaborate with A Touch of Salt because we really think [Executive Chef Michael Brine]’s presentation of food is excellent and we’d like to honour North Queensland produce and all the things great about Townsville which includes both the food and art scene. It’s a really exciting collaboration,” Angela said.

“The exact plan for this fundraising dinner is all a bit of a surprise, we’ll send out the itinerary to our guests the day before it happens but there is a bit of an art adventure between meals – you’ll have to come along to see the rest.

“As a gallery, we need these funds to help us with programs, children’s events, workshops, exhibitions – all the things that make us a vibrant arts scene. We’ve been a representative for local artists for the last 32 years, so as an arts organisation with a long-term investment in Townsville and one of the very first contemporary art galleries in North Queensland, we’re always striving to showcase Townsville as an arts hub which is a vibrant place where that industry and community can be supported.”

Experience A Taste of Art at an undisclosed location(s) this Saturday from 6pm. For more information and tickets, click here.

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