Moving to a Different Rhythm

Ross Manning's Dichroic Filter Piece (extended projection), 2012–2017, dichroic filters, cut glass, media players, and data projectors. Photography: Tony Nathan. Image courtesy Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts.

The next exhibition to showcase at Pinnacles Gallery is repurposing unlike you’ve ever seen it.

Ross Manning’s Dissonant Rhythms utilises everything from fluorescent light tubes and pedestal fans to the glass and filters from inside projectors to immerse viewers in the artwork.

Ross said the survey exhibition featured work that spanned 10 years of research and creation.

“Over the period these works were created, I was interested in contemporary technologies with a focus on the electronic image and the machines that generate them – so the exhibition has many works based on colour, light, sound and movement, where I use technologies more as a material rather than a tool,” said Ross.

“One of my first works, Sad Majick, was based on how colour electronic imagery was made. The work kicked off a whole investigative period working with electronic image and the technologies that create and display them, which is now a theme that runs through Dissonant Rhythms.

Sad Majick, 2009, glass prisms, LED light, oscillating fan, and timber. Installation view, Dissonant Rhythms, Institute of Modern Art, 2017. Photography: Carl Warner.

“Seeing all the previous work together is satisfying, but I’m currently interested predominantly in sound and movement, and the relationship between the two.”

Ross’ most recent works in the exhibition, Wave Opus I and Wave Opus II, focus on this marriage between sound and movement.

Wave Opus I, 2016, modified clock chimes, heat sink, DC motors, hook-up wire, motion detector, contact microphones, and audio equipment. Photography: Sam Cranstoun. Image courtesy Milani Gallery, Brisbane.

“These are self-playing ‘instruments’ which I think of more as automated compositions, which utilise modified clock chimes among other things as a sound source. I’ve been interested in sound for a long time and was making instruments and audio electronics long before I began visual art.”

Experience Ross Manning’s Dissonant Rhythms at Pinnacles Gallery from 1 December 2018 – 27 January 2019.

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