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The latest work by local filmmaker Robert Crispe, a short film documenting life on the road with Pnau, was released this week. IMAGE: Kaine Constantine

When Townsville film-maker Robert Crispe received an unexpected phone call, he never anticipated it would contain an invitation to spend 12 days touring with one of the biggest electronic acts in Australia. But it did. Robert has recently returned from a five-stop tour with Pnau, which culminated in shooting their biggest performance ever – 2018 Splendour in the Grass – as part of a short film he shot and directed for the band: Luminous.

Robert’s still not entirely clear on the series of events that lead to that initial phone call.

“I asked how they found me and he just said ‘found you online’. I didn’t dig any deeper because I didn’t want to sound [too excited],” said Robert.

“But the style he wanted was like the stuff I’d done for Tomorrow Makers and Motions [instalments in a documentary series Rob had created exploring various forms of creativity within Townsville].”

PNAU – Luminous (Short Film)

Luminous (Short Film) ✨Featuring:Nicholas LittlemorePeter MayesSam LittlemoreKira Divine (Vocals)Tim Commanduer (Drums)Directed by: Robert CrispeProduced by: Alan ParksShot, Edit & Color by: Robert CrispeSound Mix by: Adib Parker

Posted by Pnau on Wednesday, 12 December 2018

For Pnau, Robert was tasked with shooting a 10-minute edit of the tour and he revelled in the chance to continue capturing footage in the candid style of his previous works.

“I packed my camera going to Perth [where the tour started] and I packed it coming back home, but it was never in a bag the entire time I was with those guys,” said Robert. “I was always hanging on to it – on the plane, waiting in the hotel room, having dinners, breakfasts, it was always there. I’d roll when I felt it necessary to roll and I had just an on board microphone – I never mic’ed anyone up because that was impractical. There’s an honesty to that I think. I was never staging anything.

“There were a few times I thought ‘Fuck. I should have been rolling then’. A lot of moments actually, but they were probably grateful that I wasn’t rolling. But that’s gold for me.

“I got to see how genuinely hyped they were for the crowd that was waiting for them. It really blew them away. Then seeing them perform in front of that crowd – Kira who’s their vocalist, she just couldn’t really fathom it. We were speaking in general just before the gig and she’s like ‘this is a really big deal, isn’t it?!’

“I think it was the biggest crowd they’d ever played to. It was nice to be part of and nice to capture it.”

To view Robert’s finished video, visit Pnau’s Facebook page.

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