The VanKeys’new album is Boring. Really.

Townsville band The VanKeys have released their new album, 'Boring'. IMAGE Sharon Kennedy.

The VanKeys – known until quite recently as The Koffin Rockers – have been making guitar-heavy, high-energy music for six years now.

They’ve supported the likes of The Screaming Jets, Creepshow and Eskimo Joe; recently mounted a successful European tour and have finally released their debut album. The album is Boring.

No, really. That’s its name.

We caught up with The VanKeys’ drummer, Dean Gilboy, to get a little more insight.

The album, Boring, has been long-anticipated, what was your process artistically for this one?
Nothing too out of the ordinary for this one, some of these songs have been knocking around for quite a while. We rented a storage shed for about a year and we spent a lot of time there jamming, writing, practising, and sweating inside that little 6×3 shed. Once we had a few songs completed we would put them into a live set and take them on tour with us, just to see if people liked them or not. The response was always good, so that’s great.

What should people expect from Boring?
Variety. There’s something for everyone on this one, there really is. We have some straight up ball-busting punk, some straight up, good old Australian rock, there’s even a tasty little Ska-esque number in there. You will definitely find something that tickles your fancy.

How are you finding the response so far?
Really good. We were blown away by the number of people that pre-ordered our album. It was also nerve wracking… ‘What if they paid their money and waited and then hated it?’ Thankfully there’s no hate mail thus far!

Why the band’s name change? And why The VanKeys?
We changed our name from The Koffin Rockers because it was never really a representation of who we are musically. People would book us and expect to see a full on Psychobilly band with huge Mohawks and heaps of tattoos (Shaun and Michael have heaps of tattoos…..I have zero) that would play creepy 1930s horror movie type music. That’s not really who we are, we’re from Townsville, we’re bogans, so we needed something relatable. “Oi KezzaOI KEZZA! WHERE THE BLOODY HELL DID YA PUT THE VAN KEYS? YA GOOSE!”

What are you guys up to next?
We currently have a few things in the works at the moment. We have some festival dates later in the year, we have not long gotten back from our first European tour, so we are organising to be back over there again very soon. And if anything comes to mind, we will start writing again. –

The VanKeys new album, Boring, is available on all streaming platforms, or packaged with some extra goodies through Bandcamp.

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