Heidi Lives On – Killing Heidi and Icehouse to Headline V8s

Ella Hooper (Killing Heidi) and Iva Davies (Icehouse) are in Townsville to announce the headliners for the 2019 Watpac Townsville 400 today.

Killing Heidi and Icehouse will headline the 2019 Watpac Townsville 400 Concert, it was announced this morning.

The iconic late 90s – early noughties bands will perform at what will be one of the first events in the inaugural North Australian Festival of Arts (NAFA).

Townsville mayor Jenny Hill said it was exciting to welcome both bands back to the city and to be starting NAFA with a bang.

“I don’t think the bands know they’re part of NAFA, but the reality is the Townsville 400 is on at the same time as the Festival opens and it’s an opportunity where the two events can piggyback off each other,” Cr Hill said.

“Winter is the best time of year to be out doing things in Townsville, so as well as the supercars why not check out the spiegeltent performances; if you’re really into visual art there will be the Strand Ephemera welcoming back great local, national and international pieces; and a range of other events and something for you to do every night.

“I’m so excited that we’ll be welcoming Killing Heidi and Icehouse back. I remember being at uni and watching Icehouse – called Flowers at the time – play at the uni club, so it will bring back a lot of memories for me.”

Killing Heidi’s Ella Hooper said the band was incredibly grateful for the support received since reforming.

“We were broken up for 10 years and then thought we’d get back together for one show to see if we still liked it and see if anyone cared, then lo and behold Australia’s been really amazing to us and demanding more shows,” Ella said.

“We basically just want to give you guys the hits – we’re not doing anything fancy, no new music in the works, it’s the Killing Heidi retrospective celebrating that time in the late 90s and early 2000s that was a really good time for Aussie rock n roll so we’re really excited to be bringing that back.”

Today’s announcement also named GIVIT as the Townsville 400 event charity.

“Morale is a real part of entertainment and I think the reason a lot of us do music is for an emotional release – when you perform you create a feedback loop with the audience and that’s what keeps us going after all these years: the joy we get from seeing people receive our performance,” Ella said.

“It’s a beautiful exchange which we love doing, but even moreso when people need that lift, when things have been tough as they have been up here. It’s a real honour to provide that, we’re already really excited.”

Catch Killing Heidi and Icehouse at the 2019 Watpac Townsville 400, with tickets available here.

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