Neck of the Woods 2019 Line-Up Revealed

Boo Seeka headline the Neck of the Woods 2019 Line-up IMAGE Supplied

Organisers of Townsville’s own boutique music festival have announced the Neck of the Woods 2019 line-up. And it’s another beauty!

Neighbourhood Sessions’ Nicole Cross and Sam Wright have been curating a diverse range of artists for their third annual Neck of the Woods Festival since September. The resulting line-up is a terrific mix of singer-songwriters that you may not have heard of… yet!

The pair said their strategy for programming this year’s Festival is the same as it has been in the past – find emerging artists they love and share them with Townsville.

“We thought we’d get a headliner and we’ll get touring supports, who are not necessarily well known acts, but emerging artists who most likely wouldn’t be able to come to Townsville on their own backs,” said Nicole.

Approximately 80 per cent of the artists have been drawn from regional Queensland, with the rest coming from other regional areas across the country. Only the headliner, sultry-synthers Boo Seeka, come from a metropolitan area.


Nicole: They’re from Northern NSW. I discovered them at BIGSOUND last year and they were amazing live. Their live set just had so much energy. It’s really surf rock sort of stuff.

Sam: She’s sort of country-rock, alternative country-rock I would say.
Nicole: I kind of get Taylor Swift vibes from her. But kind of like old Taylor Swift. We were both blown away when we first listened to her.

Nicole: She’s from Cairns, she’s played the last two shows, so she’s always been there. And she’s growing and evolving as a musician and constantly doing amazing things. I feel like she’s kind of growing with the Festival too, which is exciting. So we’ll keep slinging her as long as we can.

Sam: Mark Myers was the Producer and band member of The Middle East so this is his own project which he’s had a while ago and he’s got one album out and didn’t do anything for a while, but he’s reforming that. He’s from up in Cairns as well, so we’ve snagged him, he’s really great.


Nicole: We’ve got Late November, Tim Griffin, we’ve got Weekend Project, Voye. Voye is a new soloist that’s just recently moved to Townsville. He’s this amazing songwriter and we were like ‘My goodness! You’re part of our Neighbourhood family now’. There’s also Motions, and Matilda Duncan. She hasn’t played at Neck of the Woods yet. We’ve got Kee’ahn. She moved down to Melbourne and she’s coming back up around June/July. The Very Casual DJs. We had a DJ last year after the live music programming finished and it was almost like a little after party each night. It went off! People loved it, after the live stuff, people just got really into the dancing, so we thought we’d do that again.
Sam: Dan Baker.
Nicole: Oh yes! He’s another staple.


Boo Seeka
Greta Stanley
Jack Davies
Leonie Kingdom
The Moving Stills
Nancie Schipper
The Starry Field
Dan Baker Hazy
Late November
Maggie Slater
Matilda Duncan
Tim Griffin
Very Casual DJs
Weekend Project

Nicole and Sam have a proven track record for uncovering the best up-and-coming talent.

“Last year we had Didirri as our headline act and he wasn’t very known, but since he’s had a bit of traction,”said Sam. “I think he went on tour with Vance Joy straight after our festival, so we thought ‘we got him at a good time’.”

The 2018 line-up also included Clea who recently won the Queensland Music Awards’ Pop Award and Song of the Year Award.

For more information and tickets, visit the Neck of the Woods website.

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