One With Nature

Chain of Hearts (detail) by Tayla Comelli

Our March/ April Artist in Focus Tayla Comelli was eight years old when she had her first art lesson.

“It was with the Librarian at my school, who was an artist herself, and we sat in a park and drew a picture of a puppy,” Tayla said.

“I have been in love with art since that very first moment and continued lessons with her for a few months, before I began attending lessons at a small studio where I stayed until I was 17.”

After high school, Tayla moved to Townsville where she realised her passion for art could evolve into so much more than a hobby.

“Originally I’d never intended on studying art at university as I only ever looked at it as a hobby, but it didn’t take long for me to meet some incredible people who showed me just how exciting a career in the creative arts could be.

“By second semester I had changed degrees and it was the best thing I could’ve done. Not only was I able to further my skills as an artist but I learnt so much about the industry, ultimately leading me to where I am today.”

Garden of Eden by Tayla Comelli

Tayla is currently preparing for her work to be exhibited in Townsville for the first time outside of university, following her first solo exhibition in Mackay last year.

“In my first exhibition, I really wanted to celebrate the connection between people and nature. I also wanted to keep the work fresh and minimalistic, to tie it all together.

“It was such an amazing feeling being able to stand there on the night and see it all: all the months of hard work, the late nights, the freak outs – I’ve never felt so proud.”

Tayla will be featured in a profile exhibition at Sylvia Ditchburn Fine Art Gallery this April.

“Whilst maintaining the connection between people and nature, this selection of work will be based more on my own personal encounters. Following last year’s exhibition I spent 10 weeks travelling around Europe, coming home with a mind and a camera full of inspiration to incorporate memories into my work.

“One day I would love to have a little gallery where I could showcase not only my own work but the works of other young creatives. Finding a space which is accessible and affordable can be quite difficult, so being able to break that circle in the future would be an absolute dream.”

Sylvia Ditchburn Fine Art Gallery (Flinders Street): Profile Exhibition 7-28 April (Meet the artist 10am-12pm this Sunday)
Murky Waters Studio: Lunar Group Exhibition until this Friday
Mackay’s Jubilee Exhibition Space: Arcadia Solo Exhibition 6-19 July
Instagram: @dot.taylamaree

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