Bar Choir Arrives in Townsville

A Bar Choir will be trialed in Townsville
A Bar Choir will be trailed at the Heritage Exchange on 6 April 2019. IMAGE Paulette Wooten

You, your mates, beer, and the most iconic pub songs of all time. While the formula sounds extremely simple, it’s one that sells out 1500-person events in Australia’s capital cities in a matter of hours – and it’s landing in Townsville this weekend.

The Heritage Exchange is hosting its first Bar Choir on Saturday night, with professional choristers and shower soloists all invited to belt out six songs.

Heritage Exchange Owner Emmanuel Bogiatzis said Bar Choir could become a regular event if there was enough interest.

“I know similar events down South are orchestrated to be split into two or three singing parts, and we might get into that later, but this weekend’s will be kept relatively simple,” Emmanuel said.

“This really is a trial run to see if it’s worth putting a whole lot more energy into it; if it looks like taking off then we’ll run it maybe once a month. After dinner, people can come for a sing for an hour over a few beers.”

The event will feature six songs accompanied by local band Jason Clark and the Bar Chords.

“I basically said to Jason he can be as creative as he wants, I just thought the initial one we did would have the choir singing along with him following words up on the screen. Some will be with backing tracks and some will be live performances – we’re trying to mix it up a bit just to see how people gauge it.”

Pub Choir in Brisbane:

Emmanuel said Bar Choir had the potential to grow its own Townsville following.

“The response to Pub Choir in other cities has been incredible. I know theirs are run during the week which is fine for Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, but a lot of people in Townsville don’t seem to go out much mid-week. Instead, we thought we’d trial the first one on a Saturday night … then may shift to Friday … just trial and error I guess. There’s a lot of interest in what we’ve posted about it so far, so we’re hoping people respond and turn up on the night.

“Between Jason and myself, we’ve picked six pub songs we know people like singing and which you’d expect to hear anyway – so Am I Ever Gunna See Your Face Again and Brown Eyed Girl might be in there.

“The Exchange has a history of live music and people love it. Over the years we’ve invested money in good equipment as well which I feel is important for any live venue – there’s nothing worse than inviting a really great live musician along but then having them play through a bad system, it makes all the difference. Getting all those elements right is so important to us.”

Catch Bar Choir at the Heritage Exchange this Saturday night from 9:30pm, with more information here.

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