2019 Strand Ephemera Artists Revealed

Lisa Ashcroft is among the 2019 Strand Ephemera Artists
Lisa Ashcroft prepares for the 2019 Strand Ephemera

Excitement is mounting for the return of Townsville’s spectacular biannual outdoor sculpture exhibition, with the final list of 2019 Strand Ephemera artists now available.

Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill said local, national and international artists would have work included in this year’s 2km long display, which would also form part of the inaugural Northern Australia Festival of the Arts (NAFA).

“Visitors to the city will be treated to an extremely high-calibre exhibition that really showcases Townsville as the events, arts and culture capital of Northern Australia,” said Cr Hill.

“Over 150,000 people visited Strand Ephemera in 2017 and with the exhibition being a part of NAFA this year, there will be more people visiting the Strand and the city.”

Strand Ephemera offers participating artists the chance to win a major prize of $10,000.

Lisa Ashcroft is among the Townsville artists whose work will be on display. Lisa has salvaged hundreds of items from Townsville’s February floods to create a series of bright and eccentric vignettes, that make a playful statement about consumerism and voyeurism.

2019 Strand Ephemera preview
A preview of Lisa Ashcroft’s submission for 2019 Strand Ephemera

“We lost our own home in the floods and had to up sticks and go,” said Lisa.

“My work is always about recycling and environmental issues like plastic population and degradation of our environment, but this time it’s going to be based on my reaction as a mother, a member of the community and an evacuee.

“A lot of the pieces are based on voyeurism, when people came to have a look [at the rising water levels and flood damage], the looting, etcetera. But there’s also always tongue-in-cheek humour in my work and I want people to connect with it because of the colours, the flashing lights, the stripes and the reminders of our childhood – a childhood lost, almost. If you connect to it because of the colour, the glitter the sparkle: that’s great. You don’t have to know the meaning behind it, because the meaning is pretty dark.”

A children’s swimming pool, a plastic slide, light fittings and a toilet seat are among the items Lisa salvaged for her Strand Ephemera entry.

Lisa Ashcroft is among the 2019 Strand Ephemera Artists
Bright colours and glitter mask the deeper meaning of Lisa Ashcroft’s Strand Ephemera entry

“This was a perfect time for me to get my work out of the art galleries to where more people can connect with it,” said Lisa. “Any one can connect with it, people who don’t go into art galleries can walk down the Strand and have the experience of ‘What’s that?!’ It’s cutting down that hierarchy and making the Arts accessible to everybody.”

Competitive 2019 Strand Ephemera Artists:

  • Leonard Andy & Nina Dawson
  • Lisa Ashcroft
  • Suzannah Babicci
  • Derek Besant
  • Bowen State High School
  • Graeme Buckley, Lynn Scott-Cumming & Rhonda Stevens
  • Leela Chakravarti & Edward O’Brien
  • Dominique & Samuel Chen
  • Counterpoint Architecture & Digimen
  • Karl De Waal
  • Therese Duff, Peter Hanley, Dennis O’Toole & Issara Singtothong
  • Carla Gottgens
  • Erica Gray
  • Jane Hawkins, Sally Munns & Rhonda Payne
  • Jan Hynes
  • Victoria Lees
  • Tijn Meulendijks
  • Karl Meyer
  • John Nesirky
  • Ngethn O’Thawvl Wedlvn
  • Ronald John Phillips
  • Fiona Quin
  • Toni Rogers
  • Lance Seadon
  • St Patricks’ College
  • Christopher Trotter
  • Sonia Ward
  • William Ross State High School

Invited 2019 Strand Ephemera Artists:

  • Bruce Reynolds
  • Daniel Popper
  • Hannah Quinlivan
  • Ken and Julia Yonetani
  • Melissa Carey
  • Sharon Goodwin

The 2019 Strand Ephemera will run from 26 July – 4 August. For more information, visit the Strand Ephemera website.

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