6 Ideas for Creating a Fringe Act

6 Ideas for Creating a Fringe Act
Registrations are open for Townsville's inaugural Northern Fringe Festival IMAGE: Ahmad Odeh

Time’s running out for Acts to register for Townsville’s first ever Northern Fringe Festival, held as part of the North Australian Festival of the Arts (NAFA) this July.

If you’d like to be involved, but are stumped for ideas on what to submit, here are 6 ideas for creating a Fringe act that you’re sure to love.

1. Collaborate with someone unexpected.

Amazing things can happen when you work with someone who sees the world from a different angle than you do.
Are you a hip-hop artist? Get thee a harp.
Romance writer? Find some actors to bring your reading to life.
Dancer? How might a sketch artist interpret your work?

2. Find an unlikely performance location.

The top of Castle Hill.
The dive platform at the Rock Pool.
The freezer section of the mini-mart.

The whole idea of a Fringe Festival is to fill the City with creativity, and you might be surprised how inspiration will strike when you take yourself out of your comfort zone. Just be sure to get the venue-owner’s permission before you mount a show!

Ideas for Fringe Acts
Traditional performances in contemporary locations can make for interesting Arts experiences. IMAGE: Enrico Carcasi

3. Reprise something you’ve done before.

“If I did it again, I would….”

So do it again, and make that change! It might be easier than creating a whole new act from scratch, and it’s possible you’ll find a whole bunch of changes you’d like to make once you get going.

4. Take a private Arts practice public.

Maybe you record a podcast from your bedroom, practise ballet in a dance hall or paint in a home studio. Why not do that same thing somewhere by-passers can stop and appreciate your hard work? Fringe acts don’t have to be perfectly polished, performance-ready pieces. There’s a certain magic about inviting people behind the scenes, to discover a work in progress.

5. Pay Tribute to someone you love.

Dolly Parton, Steven Spielberg, your Nana (naaaaw).

How could you shape an act around a person who’s work inspires your own? Once you start thinking about it, you’re sure to come up with a million ideas!

6. Gather your mates and make it a theme party.

If coming up with a large body of work is proving tricky, why not get some fellow creatives together, decide on a theme and produce a series of smaller pieces together. It could be multiple musicians taking on hits of the 70s, a series of monologues about living in the tropics, an art exhibition inspired by classic literature. Whatever tickles your fancy!

The beauty of a Fringe Festival is that there are no rules, no guidelines, and no little boxes that you need to tick. It’s a great opportunity to try something different and see where the creative process takes you.

Registrations for the 2019 Northern Fringe Festival close 10 May 2019. For more information, and to register your Act, visit the Northern Fringe website.

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